Upstream Color | 2012

Shane Carruth’s “Upstream Color” starts off as a probable horror science fiction, but turns out to be a meditative effort on characters and mysticism. Stunningly cinematographed, Carruth’s “Upstream Color” is a no easy movie to entirely comprehend. The worm-pig-orchid cycle is quite uncanny, as it is inventive and seeps in subtle social eco themes. Emotionally less piercing, visually innovative and often hypnotic, “Upstream Color” is multi-faceted and beautiful.

Under The Skin | 2014

Jonathan Glazer’s “Under the skin” can be coined as a science fiction, a noir or even a tragedy. It is eerie, as it is striking in its filmmaking sensibilities. The movie itself is a dazzling journey, powered with haunting performance by Scarlett Johansson. It is also odd and moody that evokes a frantic and relentlessly vivid experience with the viewers as the murders unchain through the movie; and an experience that’s worth a watch.