Rush | 2012

Ron Howard’s “Rush” is a complete Hollywood movie and a reason why we love Hollywood. A comeback from Ron Howard, “Rush” is boasted by very good performances from Chris Hemsworth (as James Hunt) and Daniel Brühl (Nikki Lauda). While, Ron Howard’s direction is effectual and deft, it is Anthony Dod Mantle (cinematography) and Daniel P. Hanley/Mike Hill (Editors), who takes the upper hand. Brilliantly photographed and sleekly edited, “Rush” is a stylish and exciting film.

Rambo : First Blood II | 1985

Rambo: First Blood II, the follow up to the classic “First Blood” was directed by George P. Cosmatos, co-written by James Cameron and Sylvester Stallone. While, the movie doesn’t justify the name of the screenwriters, this sequel is a cool handed action movie (in the era of Vietnam War portrayals) that you come to expect of Rambo. But feeble characters and mostly predictable sequences make this sequel a passable one, but not without the guilty pleasures.

Rififi | 1955

Jules Dassin’s “Rififi” features a heist sequence that makes you sweat and smile in discovery of the imitations that you’ve seen through the years. This thriller starring Jean Servais, is such a piece of work that you often wonder in awe of the thrill. A thriller, a noir that can stand against the tide of time, “Rififi” knocks you off the ground with the fantastic, yet downplayed direction. With beautiful, stark cinematography filled with gray shades, “Rififi” is an essay of thieves and heist.

Rio 2 | 2014

The first instalment of this movie, was colorful, funny and pretty good. Boasting the same visual strength, Rio 2 fails as an interesting movie, following only the standard operations procedure of an animation film, playing it safer that it ideally should. Whilst, there is nothing to complain on the voice performances and the thousands of hours that might have gone into the animation, Rio 2 is just only a little fun to satisfy.