Nymphomaniac Vol I and Vol II | 2014

Lars von Trier’s two long episodic films, “Nymphomaniac Vol I and Vol II” are nothing short of brilliant piece of psychosomatic, distressing, graphic piece of erotic art. Powered by a unflinching, fearless , hard-to-imagine performance by Charlotte Gainsbourg (as Joe) and supported by a great cast, these film(s) are fine specimens of auteur-ship. Laden with intimacy and lust, this self-referential tour de force, is virtually an exhaustive study of what it tries to deal with. Trier is a master of the art that only he can master and these volumes mirror the genius talent; the talent, which can be appreciated, who love that sort of film art.

Nightcrawler | 2014

“Nightcrawler” is a prodigious thriller; its greatness lies not only in the protagonist’s (Jake Gyllenhaal) eerie, lofty performance, but also, in its dark, pitiless, razor-sharp and spellbinding screenplay. The thrills are not cheap; they are a vivid vision of the modern society and the immoral connected to it. Dan Gilroy’s precise and measured, assured direction drives the vastly debatable film into a noir,and like never seen before.

Network | 1976

“Network” is packed with performances; Peter Finch, Faye Dunaway, William Holden, Robert Duvall, Beatrice Straight and the list goes on. Sidney Lumet uses them with duteous care and grounds the social hysteria of TV, which can be considered timely, at any point in the modern history. Tragic and devastating, in its own right, “Network” is a rousing satire, that is focused and intensely played. A cold, but vivid film, “Network” is a ordained classic by the master, Sidney Lumet.

Noah | 2014

Darren Aronofksy’s latest venture is the biblical epic of Noah’s story. Visually loaded with elements that vary from stop motion narrative of beginning of life , CGI form of thousands from the animal kingdom to nerve shattering moment of people fighting to eat the flesh of a goat alive, “Noah” succeeds in almost every aspect, except that it lack what Aronofsky’s movies are made of, the power of visionary emotion and intelligence.

Nebraska | 2013

Hilarious, poignant, simple, poetic and moody, “Nebraska” is a brilliant film from the notable director, Alexander Payne. With a bleak black and white cinematography, the film stands out with low-key, but outstanding performance by Bruce Dern. This road movie doesn’t get too sentimental or philosophical, but is thought provoking as it is entertaining. One of the best films of the year.

Naan | 2012

“Naan” was a surprisingly exciting entertainer on identity theft,(inspired possibly by The Talented Mr.Ripley) helmed by Jeeva Shankar. Vijay Antony plays the lead actor and fittingly so. Not without its flaws, “Naan” makes an attempt to make the subject strong and thrilling. Most of the movie works and that can duly be attributed to the performances and the decent screenplay. Uneven, racy and stylish, “Naan” is worth a watch, once.