Maleficent | 2014

“Maleficent” stands on Angelina Jolie’s shoulders. The re-telling of the classic “Sleeping Beauty” is assisted by some glittering special effects. The film is not completely gripping, yet is not shallow. As a fantasy, it still is a respectable film and is as much as it is fun as emotional. It is a darker tale, with all-round good performances ignited by the charisma of Jolie.

Mud | 2012

“Mud” is a slow-burn coming-of-age southerner, that grasps the audience with its wide angled visuals and precise story-telling. The movie neither get carried away with less-ambitious violence not gets too sappy. Jeff Nichols’ craftsmanship along with strong performances from Matthew McConaughey and Tye Sheridan. Lyrical, Sensitive, crisp and classy, “Mud” is a movie that even Mark Twain would’ve completely adored and cherished. This is classic American cinema.

Mad Max | 1979

It begins as a car stunt movie; George Miller’s iconic “Mad max” is a western covered in the skin of science fiction. With stunt scenes that are faultlessly choreographed and solidly pleasurable a little -clichéd storyline, “Mad Max” is a uncompromisingly entertaining action piece, set by a solid turn by Mel Gibson as the title star. Brutal and affecting, “Mad Max” cartels the ruggedness of the grindhouse films, and elevates it to a charming work of action revenge. This movie is not as mad as the title, but very well paves a way to be one.

Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior| 1981

The second part of the "old" trilogy, “The Road Warrior” is even more brutal, exhilarating than its predecessor; With over-the-top chases, B-movie visuals, driven by Mel Gibson’s charisma, “Road Warrior” acts as a worthy sequel that stands out well; Super tight script, kinetic editing, spectacular stunts, Miller does the sequel thing better than anybody could in the action world.

Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdrome| 1985

“Beyond Thunderdome” is a touch murkier than the forerunners; perhaps, since it deals more with the character of the road warrior, than the others; that being said, this is as violent and entertaining as George Miller’s former episodes. With Tina Turner as the grip, “Beyond Thunderdrome” is a fine line between the weakness and greatness, which makes it the scrawniest link of the three. Nevertheless, it is fresh and only leaves us only, with a need for more.

Mad Max: Fury Road| 2015

Perhaps only George Miller, the visionary behind the Mad Max films could make us sit and watch around two hours of adrenaline-charged, non-stop, freaky car case and action, and feel thoroughly amused and contented; A film that pompously uplifts the stature of the series by sacrificing the title character (played by Tom Hardy) as a protagonist and fueling it up with a female ensemble, particularly lead with magnetic charisma by Charlize Theron, and only for the better. The movie is imaginative to that extent that it not only converts the western-like series to a visionary action entertainer, but also involves the audience with the predominantly bizarre characters and sequences (topped by the fire breathing instrument played for the full course of the movie by the eccentric guitarist).Kinetic score, stunning production design, rich choreography juxtaposed with brilliant direction of all, ,makes “Fury Road” an instant classic; a classic like no other action movie. Despite the fact that it is not very shrewd, it is a stunning movie, load and proud, which makes us beg for more; Hope and wonder if George Miller will be able to make one more to surpass this; And this long wait was completely worth it.

Mr.Peabody and Sherman | 2014

Mr. Peabody and Sherman has an unusually interesting story for a DreamWorks animation movie, reminding us of all the fun that a time travel movie can assure you. Funny, as it is thrilling, Mr. Peabody and Sherman, is delightful animation for a source material that is not of the present age. Clever and inventive throughout, this movie’s character sketch and text book notalgia, makes it a victory.

Machine, The | 2014

“The Machine”, directed by Caradog W. James is a motivated science fiction, built on low key elements; It is about things going off beam, when a robotic breakthrough yields to a weapon. Cerebral, visually well done, and tidily crafted, “The Machine” could have just gone a little far, with its potency to become a memorable film. Flawed a little, this indie movie, doesn’t dare the genre or break any trend, but is quite a good watch for the genre lovers.

Mundasupatti | 2014

Following the most recent trend of making feature films from short ones or the script for short films, of the South Indian industry, “Mundasupatti” director Ramkumar offers the audience a feature length comedy, that is uneven, often funny and sometimes, pretty boring. With music helping the script, the movie features fresh story, though not long enough to occupy the length of the movie. Vishnu and Nandhita, alongside sidekicks, Kaali Venkat and Ramdoss , do their part to make the movie, that it is now. Funny and boring, the movie also injects anti-traditional motives.