Locke| 2013

“Locke” is more like a crisis management lesson, than a movie. Steered by Tom Hardy as Ivan Locke, pounded by calls and voices, all the way through, Steven Knight’s thriller is in essence, an one man show. Intense and enormously psychological, “Locke’s triumph lies in its claustrophobic setting and the rich use of space, time and its complex stunt. Minimal, as an example, it is a gimmick that is pulled off, with such self-assurance, that it uplifts itself as the best of the kind. Tom Hardy delivers and so does Locke.

The Lego Movie | 2014

“The Lego Movie” is silly, hysterical, chaotic, wild, colorful and very engaging. Directed by Christopher Miller and Phil Lord, who pour nostalgia and spoofs alike to the characters, make “The Lego Movie”, funny and exciting. Not a landmark that it could’ve been, The Lego Movie does excite us with the Lego universe and the “special” hero on his way to cease the tyranny of the evil Lord. The live action towards the end is a surprise, and the whole of the movie is, in a way too.

Lunchbox | 2013

This debut feature by Ritesh Batra is “The Shop Around the Corner” from India. While it never reaches the class of Ernest Lubitsch’s masterpiece, “Lunchbox”, with its stellar performances, flows like a fresh stream that pleases the crowd and charms them. Dealing with universal themes of love, loss, loneliness and friendship in a quietly predictable manner, “Lunchbox” succeeds, but only to an extent, where we wouldn’t question its ability of being a brilliant, innovative movie.

Leviathan | 2014

Andrey Zvyagintsev’s “Leviathan” is nothing short of a great film. He follows up his brilliant “The Return” with chilling, intense tragedy, which fills us with a bitter, grave mood and is epic in nature. Acted with precision by the ensemble and with its poetic landscapes, it is an alluring piece of work, that has an ideal, shattering finale; but just those few shots out of the final moments of the film were, way too devious for a movie of such greatness; and, yes, its just that.

Lilo & Stitch| 2002

“Lilo & Stitch” is a sweet, animated Disney film. The word in the preceding sentence “Disney” covers all the emblematic characteristics of a Disney film, which signifies, the adjectives like charming, cute and poignant; furthermore, the story of the sisters and the aliens is even more amusing and fantastically sad, as well. “L&S” drags a little, here and there, but the end product is a pleasant family entertainment, a tad coarse, bright and engaging; also featuring colorful Hawaiian locales and hummable soundtracks.