Jigarthanda | 2014

Karthik Suburaj’s “Jigarthanda”, is a gleefully hilarious entertainer, backed by a gangster story, suitably packed with frolicsome plots. While, a few may contemplate the change of elements as abrupt character assassination, one might also think it as a deep thriving passion, that might drive anyone to move from one extreme to other. Bobby Simha as Sethu and Karunakaran as Karthik’s (not-so-important Siddarth) friend, complete the movie’s attitude. There is a scene in the movie, analogous to all great gangster movies, where in Sethu merely escapes from being killed. Whoa! And this scene exists in a movie, which has all the competence to be termed as a full-length comedy. While, Karthik’s “Pizza” was a manipulative piece of work, “Jigarthanda” is no different, but where it stands out is in it seamless blend of the cinematic elements. Aptly named.

Jilla | 2014

What is not original has the least chance of becoming a good one and even if it is well-made, it has a chance of being appreciated. “Jilla” by R.T Neason, has nothing that deserves appreciation, except perhaps the well composed and choreographed songs. Perverse jokes, pointless violence, entirely clichéd, Jilla deserves to be missed.