Ida | 2014

Ida is a great film. Painted in a gray palette, the cinematography is versatile in every stunning frame. Observing, upsetting and shocking at the same time, “Ida” is a moody and smart piece of work from the Polish director, Pawel Pawlikowski. Delicately composed, evenly organized and is a spiritual meditation of the after math of the Nazi era, “Ida” is one of the very best films of the year.

Imitation Game, The | 2014

It is an inevitable move to make a movie out of Alan Turing’s life at some point in cinematic history; and the choice of the cast remains pivotal. Benedict Cumberbatch acts like he was born to do it and the movie itself is reasonably well made by Morten Tyldum. Heart breaking and tragic, Alan Turing’s life is captured in a near-sepia tone alongside poignant cinematography by Oscar Faura. While regularly withstanding the narrative clichés, “The Imitation Game” is an arousing inspiration with a perfect ensemble of cast, including Keira Knightley.

I | 2015

“I” is a movie that can be simply considered as a move by a director, which is horrendously senseless; and can be accredited to the thought that, this can only endure with a good actor’s hard work, gorgeous locations and tons of money spent over nothingness. A humiliation that a director of such competence worked out a script of evenly pitiable ugliness. If anything needs to be noted, which perceptibly is an energy spent in futility, it is Rahman’s music, Vikram’s enthusiastic hardships as an actor and the crew’s devotion towards the trust that they have over their director, who once was possibly a good one.

Interview, The | 2015

There is nothing significant about this movie; but it offers mild laughs and regularly good fun. The best thing about “The Interview” is the leads. Their presence is what makes the movie, which it is. Redundant, but not completely boring, silly and enjoyable nevertheless, Evan Goldberg’s (Alongside Seth Rogan) “The Interview”, is not a knockout comedy, but then doesn’t falter completely either. The political fuss about it, is possibly overdone and even if in context, is not worth debating about.