Fury | 2014

David Ayer’s “Fury” is well intentioned and an ambitious film. It is also exquisitely cinematographed to capture the horrors of war. Brad Pitt’s charisma is unequivocally remarkable and the movie itself is as raw as his emotions. It is unflinching, yet reminds us of what Steven Spielberg had to offer in “Saving Private Ryan” through the story and tone. Flawed, yet irresistible, “Fury” stands on a close line between flawed and brilliant.

Frances Ha | 2013

“Frances Ha” is a lovely film, that is poignant, tender and beautiful. With an astonishing performance from Greta Gerwig as Frances, and the outstanding supporting cast, “Frances Ha” feels free to float itself in the urban dream, so vivid , yet colorless. Noah Baumbach, seals the movie with moments of black and white splendor, across the screen. Not many will be assured to fathom what goes on in the mind of either Frances or the director, but will be assured a wonderful little ride of cinema. One of the best films of the year.

Fruitvale Station | 2013

“Fruitvale Station” is a biographical film that follows the story of Oscar Grant (powerfully portrayed by Michael B. Jordan), whose tragic death lead to an uproar. Wonderful ensemble of acting including Octavia Spencer as Oscar’s mom, uplifts the often emotional, and intense movie. Slightly manipulative and unbalanced, “Fruitvale station” still manages to be gritty, compelling and unflinching. Towards the finale, “Fruitvale Station” after all the tension built up, leaps into an powerful emotionally charged drama.

Fifth Element, The | 1997

Luc Besson’s science fiction is fun to watch for its charming action and visuals. The fun becomes doubled with Gary Oldman’s amusing performance as Zorg. The production sets are very imaginative for its age and so is the film’s costume design (Jean Paul Gaultier). With flaws over shadowed by values of entertainment, “The Fifth Element”, positions itself as a sci fi comedy, than a noir. This movie is all about having a good time, with all round superb star cast, fun and fantasy. Did I miss mentioning Bruce Willis, Milla Jovovich and Chris Tucker?

Freshman, The | 1925

At around 70 minutes of running time, “The Freshman” stands as one of the best comedies by Harold Lloyd whose films are often overlooked. Hilarious gags and a few them that you are certainly to miss in the first viewings, “The Freshman” is well executed and is a concrete film about a nerd who is just entering the college and his misfortunes. Stellar performance by Harold Lloyd and his comic sensibilities make this movie, a treat to watch and a treasure to cherish.

Frozen | 2013

“Frozen” is a movie that you can call a typical Disney film, in a superlative way. It has an captivating appeal, and outstanding visuals. Moments like the ship carrying the sisters’ parents drowning synonymously with the music and the tad nicely twisted finale, makes “Frozen” better than most of the run-of-the-mill animated movies this year. Fantastically animated, beautifully scored, “Frozen” is a thoroughly enjoyable fun fare.

Fukrey | 2013

Mrigdeep Singh Lamba's “Fukrey” is a funny movie; but is also a movie that falters almost ubiquitously. Its use of youth is contemptable of a remark and is to a degree, devoid of the madcap comedy that it aims. But the actors just do their part well, holding up the thin script, also entertained by a hummable music score by Ram Sampath (Ambarsariya & Jugaad, in particular). Often disjointed and messy, “Fukrey” only entertains in the first act and then bores with its monotonous manipulation of comical circumstances.

Ferris Bueller's Day Off | 1986

John Hughes’ “Ferris Bueller’s Day off” is as charming as its lead, Mathew Broderick (who plays the title character) is. Compellingly fun and often funny, this comedy is all about youth and makes us drool of the breezy adolescence, that we might have once passed inattentively. With all round good performances, including Mia Sara, Alan Ruck, Jeffrey Jones and the fantastic cameo by Charlie Sheen, this light gem is a cool diversion that essentially brightens up your day. Silly, yet, confidently made, “Ferris Bueller” is a neat comedy that can be thoroughly relished, throughout.