• Longevity : 60/100
  • Sillage: 55/100
  • Scent: 60/100
  • Bottle & Design: 50/100
  • Overall: 57/100

Evaflor’s Whisky Silver is an aquatic woody fragrance. This French Maker’s perfume has a powerful opening with marine notes (seawater), alongside citrus notes. Strong enough, the marine notes also enrich a sourness in them. A hint of slightly pungent marine side note also shows up. These notes do not fade away but adds up to the flowery Freesia, slightly peppery in nature. All of this gives way to the very prominent moss and the woody notes. Although musk is not very noticeable, it certainly adds up to the fragrance effect. Sillage is quite effective at the beginning, while fades away. The scent stays on the wearer pretty long and can be used in the summer for long hours too, but stays close to skin. Whisky Silver has a sweet soothing base, but lingers on you for long. It surely reminds us of the ever famous Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio. Walking by the seashore, cool yet salty waves hit on your humid sweat.

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