• Longevity : 50/100
  • Sillage: 50/100
  • Scent: 65/100
  • Bottle & Design: 60/100
  • Overall: 57/100

Once in a while, there comes a test for the fragrance lovers, when at the first try, they would seem to hate it and wonder if they should try it again. Fortunately, their olfactory curiousness, lets them try the same fragrance again and then everything changes. It grows on them, on every trial. That’s the case with Hugo Boss Red. Also, there is this fragrance which everybody around the wearer loves it more than the wearer himself. Again, Hugo Boss Red succeeds in that.

This was released in 2013 inspired by hot and cold metal. Jared Leto is the marketing weapon for Hugo Boss Red.

The main accords of Hugo Boss Red are the combination of Sweet, Fruity, Citrus, Metallic and Sour. Belonging to the Oriental spicy fragrance family for men, the fruity, sour and metallic notes stand out. The top notes include grapefruit, Galbanum and Pink Pepper followed by a strong rhubarb middle note in combination with a sweet and fruity Pineapple and Cedar. Base notes are Tonka bean, Amber. All of these are particularly mentioned in the bottle pack itself. I loved it parts and liked it most of the parts.

Although “red” only in terms of the spicy and metallic nature, the EDT is not a very powerful one, by which I mean that the projection is considerably weak in summer and sweaty conditions. Long lasting to smell it close to skin, Hugo Boss Red, grows on us on every wear. The bottle itself is a gimmickry with the heat sensitive material. Also, the bottle has an opaque, matte-red look.

Even when Hugo Boss Red is a fine fragrance, it is not unique and powerful. Leaving aside the problems of sillage, Hugo Boss Red is a worth a try for those who dare to try different department of fragrances.

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