• Longevity : 50/100
  • Sillage: 50/100
  • Scent: 70/100
  • Bottle & Design: 60/100
  • Overall: 70/100

Even within the mainstream sector of any art, pitches in an audacious attempt, that remains brave enough not only to be unique, inimitable, but also successful. Along these lines, lies the rare success of Geoffrey Beene’s Grey Flannel. Release in 1978, more than 30 years later, this Eau De Toilette remains a favourite for many fragrance aficionados.

With a starring element of fresh violet, Grey Flannel opens strong and pungent, unusually impacting. Not many would love it on the first spritz, but the opening grows on your olfactory sense.The top notes stay strong with Neroli, Petitgrain, Galbanum and citrus notes. This Woody Oriental fragrance, turns powdery after a while and the heart notes of Rose, Sage, Iris, Geranium and hugely effective Violet steam the flow. Oakmoss, Almond, Tonka Bean, vetiver and possibly forms the powdery base.

Grey Flannel is a composition that one might not easily forget. The longevity and sillage are right there. Take a deeper look and you’ll find Grey Flannel to be an interesting, brave and a seamless blend of significant aromatic combination. Grey Flannel might also prove a hate or love fragrance for many, but either way is a milestone.

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