• Longevity : 40/100
  • Sillage: 40/100
  • Scent: 70/100
  • Bottle & Design: 40/100
  • Overall: 60/100

What strikes us when we talk about Coty Aspen is that its dirt cheap and a lighter alternate for the ever “green” aromatic Davidoff Cool water. Surprisingly come out from Coty. The former is far linear than the latter.

Aspen has blast of Greens at the opening, but what stays for a while in the short longevity span is the coriander. All that can be smelled in the mid note out of Lavender, Cyclamen, Geranium, Coriander and Jasmine, is only the spice. Balsam Fir along with Amber prevails at the bottom.

Aspen has a strong opening, while is weak throughout. Longevity as such for a cologne is just there. Considerably similar to a few bath soaps and laundry. Aspen can be perfect for early hours and evenings, where we don’t want to project much and stay to ourselves.

Clean, mildly synthetic, very green, cheap and needing over application, Aspen is worth a pick as an alternative to Creed’s ever-expensive “Green Irish Tweed” and Davidoff’s “Cool Water”.

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