• Longevity : 60/100
  • Sillage: 55/100
  • Scent: 80/100
  • Bottle & Design: 60/100
  • Overall: 70/100

To start with Calvin Klein Eternity is a classic. Carlos Benaim designed it for Calvin Klein, an American brand that launched the classic styles of designer jeans in the 1970s. “Eternity” was launched in 1990 and standing the test of time, it proves itself that it is classic fragrance for all-time, that inspired hundreds of other aromatic fragrances through its life.

The ever-lovable fragrance has a fantastic and exciting blast of Mandarin Orange and Lavender, along with sidelined citrusy notes. It starts of loud and clear and proceeds to give way for the greenish botanics along with basil and feminine note of Jasmine. The smell of sage is subtle and fresh. Eternity is one of the freshest fragrances in cK’s line and probably all others too. The base notes have evident Amber and Sandalwood. Clearly favourites and signature of many, Eternity has mild, if not powerful sillage/projection and just fine longevity.

Suitable for summer and daytime wear, Calvin Klein Eternity is a wonderful for evening wear too. The bottle design is neat and simple. Eternity is an accomplished compliment getter and a soothing, refreshing fragrance that is elegant, masculine, fresh spicy, ozonic and cleanly aromatic. Eternity remains and will remain one of the best fragrances ever made and a quintessential one.

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