Yuvraaj | 2008

Composer: A R Rahman

Author : Srivathsa

Synopsis: "Yuvvraaj" is mesmerising and A R Rahman is the reason!

The music of "Yuvvraaj" - Subhash Ghai's new venture in collaboration with A R Rahman only after "Taal" which blew minds away is out. Is it as good as "Taal"? Not now ! But surely is growing (going) to be.

"Tu hi to mei dost" - First word: Instrumentation is fantastic; Its grows on you; Although there are certain sounds that sound familiar, its almost a mesmerising number.The interludes are grand and effective and so are the voices.Who could think of playing bongos in the background for a melody like this and do it perfectly well, other than Rahman? When Rahman takes over at the end, you knows its gonna be a great number sooner or later in your mind.

"Shano Shano" - A peppy disco number.Its not that very peppy number, you'd expect of Rahman ..and you know when Rahman tries to be different, especially after the second interlude..yes, it is interesting.I loved the way the percussion turns Indian!

"Tu Muskura" - The strings that start the music had me, sink into the deep driven thoughts of my mind.It's fantastic!And later the song turns out to be pretty good. Be it Alka or Javed Ali, the song never loses its track and at the end turns out more haunting with the voice of Roopkumar!

"Mastam Mastam" - Creative Rahman back here! What a number!!! This song is certainly different and the sounds in the song, I'm sure only Rahman can be so creative! Sonu's voice,lyrics with the soothing music just get you going. The riffs are awesome!

"Zindagi Zindagi" - My favourite of the album for now!WOW! Its almost a number in which you feel the waves of Rahman doing music for Deepa Mehta, if you know what I mean.I don't think , I can complement this anymore.WOW!!!!

"Dil ka Rishta" - This number is a very peculiar one.Starts of nicely with single keys and ends with a real heavy orchestration.Lotsa english lyrics and chorus. Beautiful transitions,light and heavy interludes. Pretty good number.

"Manmohini Morey" -It is interesting to see , Rahman do this song. Not on many occasions, he takes up things like this..But when he does, he makes the occasion worth it and make you celebrate.

I do not want to comment on the remix version of Shano Shano, its not Rahman's. "Yuvvraaj' - although there are a few shades of his own previous essense here and there, the music has so much ambience and so rahmanisque.Its fascinating to see Rahman coming back again with all that he has got for that moment. After all, thats what we expect from him. Don't we?

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