Vinnaithaandi Varuvaya | 2010

Composer: A R Rahman

Author : Srivathsa

Synopsis: Rahman springs back in Tamil

“Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya” – Gowtham Menon’s first venture with A R Rahman and Rahman’s first one in Tamil ,after his win at the Academy. Thamarai has penned all the songs but one which is done by Kaithapram (and of course in Malayalam).

“Omana Penney” – Sung by Benny Dayal and Kalyani Menon , is a song that has all that you wish for. The comforting piece of music and the surprisingly attractive nathaswaram track along with the bassline. This nathaswaram brings in the classical twitch, further at the end, even when introduced at the launch of the vocals. Although the synthetic voice could’ve been more natural.

“Anbil Avan” – by Devan and Chinmayi – on the first listen, sounds something like you’ve already heard before, but after a few more, no. This grows fine on you after the listens. Rahman could’ve perhaps avoided the Harrisique chorus, which most likely, he had incorporated on for Mr. Goutham. A fine song that also has a nice interlude.Devan and Chinmayi didn’t have to try hard. It’s their kind of song.

"Vinnaithaandi Varuvaya"– Title track sung by Karthik is a typical lullaby-style melody. Commencing with the guitar strums and almost flat end vocals, the progression perfectly attracts you. With Rahman’s usual faultlessness of melody chord usage and pitch settings, graciously sung by Karthik, who even sound like Sreenivas even at the middle the song is a sure heart grabber.

"Hosanna"– Frankly, when I heard the name of this song at first, guessed it would be a very perky number. On the contrary, the song is purely lyrical and peppy (but not to the extent I thought it would be) . There is also a Blaze hip hop in between although; it has a perfect nature of Indian music. Vijay Prakash’s soulful voice is a big value addition to the song.

"Kannukul" – Sung by Naresh Iyer. This is one track that didn’t deeply astound me and might do on the future listens. With a straight forward rhythm and a synthetic sounding string, the song might not offer you anything perfectly new, but is certainly hummable.

"Mannipaaya" – Rahman himself sings this duet with Shreya Goshal. Fantastic Melody. The melody that nurtures in an out of the soulful voice and the keyboard strings. Thamarai’s lyrics works out absolutely well within the blend. The violas (or rather the strings) are just Rahman’s class.

"Aaromale" – The song in Malayalam; sung by Alphonse; this is Rahman’s new area of attempt. The beginning sounding something like the western movie BGM and then the progression to the classical but choral tone is near perfect. Stylstically rendered by Alphonse, this number deserves attention. Excellent guitar pieces.

“Vinnaithaandi varuvaaya” , as in most of the Rahman’s albums,might not help you in the first listen. But is sure to grow on you and it worth so many listens.

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