Slumdog Millionaire | 2008

Composer: A R Rahman

Author : Srivathsa

Synopsis: 'Slumdog Millionaire' soundtrack is propulsive and pulsating!

The highly praised 'Slumdog Millionaire''s soundtrack by A R Rahman and few tracks by others including M.I.A. is a highly propulsive album .It bursts with thrust. There are three tracks featuring M.I.A , one of which along with A R R himself.

"'O..Saya" - Featuring Rahman and Maya's voice, the soundtrack is full of resilience. With his elevated pitch, Rahman turns on the pace along with the sporadically pounding rhythm. Accompanied by great bass work, the sound track excels.

"Riots" is an elegant haunter. The orchestration work sounds somber and so is the lingering bass line. The track also contains a high profile from-the-bottom hum which adds up the vibrancy

"Mausam & Escape" - The song starts with strings filled with romance and tranquility, and when it gets on its shoes , we very well know the man behind is goin wild and naturally wild, so does our senses. The rich and Vibrant sitar and strings will let you swing in the compelling world Rahman has shaped.

"'Paper Planes' - 'Paper Planes - Remix' " - Although not Rahman's, I personally feel this song certainly adds up to the album and the delusionary tune perfectly fits.Credits to M.I.A.

"Ringa Ring" - The only whole hindi song in the soundtrack featuring Ila Arun and Alka Yagnik is another rendition that is expressive and a proficient composition. It has all that blend, Rahman stands for.

"Liquid Dance" - Well percussioned and with all that jathis by Palakkad Sriram doesn't really stand out, but still maintains the cadence of the album. Shades of ‘Spirit of Rangeela’ inevitably come to my mind with that choral orchestration.

"Latika's Theme" - A typical Rahman melody and it has got all the bass lines and strings that would bring up your mood towards what is desired out of it.

"'Millionaire'" - The track gradually grows and characteristically at the middle where the glorious effervescence builds up, there is also a gradual feel of raise of illusional hype.

"Gangsta Blues" - A R R's hands on typical hip hop sung by Blaaze and Tanvi starts out similar to the rhythms of M.I.A's 'Boyz' but isn't what it is really when it comes to the interludes and tunes. It’s dark and subtle, graceful and sleek.

"Dreams on Fire" - Ultra- melodious and should be a special mention. It has the same kinda tamburas or string running at the back as in 'Journey Home' or 'Ni sa ri sa'. But it’s simply fresh and scintillating. A beautiful Dream for sure!

"Jai Ho" - The song that has been getting rave reviews - even an oscar note. The Bollywoodish and dazzling tune is accompanied with the orchestral and choral symmetry. Sure to win hearts.

"Slumdog Millionaire" is surely one huge step for A R Rahman towards global audience and he does what you anticipate from him. It is extremely propulsive and at the same time packed with hope, joy with the darkness of music giving way to the light in all the world around us.

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