Sakkarakati | 2008

Composer: A R Rahman

Author : Srivathsa

Synopsis: Sakkarakatti is sweet , but without the lyrics!

It has been raining Rahman for the past few months. After the Stupendous "Jodha Akbar", Peppy "Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na" and entracing "Ada" , its something that doesnt reach those heights but a sweet album "Sakkarakatti". I'm too impatient to review track by track and this is not a review but my opinion on the album.

"Taxi Taxi" - "Taxi Taxi" is Finicky and Peppy. Blaaze does have his command over the first few lines of the song and after that its almost a typical Rahman song. A nice fast listen.And why is hip - hop affecting Indian music too much nowadays?

"Marudaani"- would be my original pick of the album (I don't consider Chinnama and Yesh Rishtaa, as they belong to Rahman's own spellbinding "Meenaxi"). Sung well, but with bad tamil accent , which doesnt spoil the song to a noticable extent. Very well orchestrated, sung and again the lyrics ain't that good.

"I Miss You" - "I Miss You", sung in the husky tone, din;t impress me much at the beginning, but then , nowadays I'm feeling its kinda good.

"Yelai" - ", this must have been the most creative song of the album with guitar strummings and scottish tunes. But then the lyrics spoils it. I mean it. How long are we going to use the galaxy, antenna , it futuristic? I mean, it sounds like the lyrics is written somewhere in the 80s. And I would like the lyricists to undertand today's youth don't use such scientific terms. But the song as far the music is concerned is very impressive. It has a rahmanisque ambience which is what we expect. Don't we?

"Nee eppodum " and "Chinnama" are the same tracks from Meenaxi. "Yeh Rishtaa" is one of my life time favourite track, and I din't even bother to listen it tamil.I donot want to spoil the image I have on the song. On the whole, "Sakkarakati" music may not be as sweet as sugar but surely as a sugar free sachet for the diabetics patients.

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