Raavan | 2010

Composer: A R Rahman

Author : Srivathsa

Synopsis: “Raavan” – The best of Rahman in recent times and the reason – Mani Ratnam standing beside?

Well, it has been a couple of years since the greatest of the combos have come up together. In between there were Oscars and a lot more in a man’s life. And now this man who has been standing tall in full form, teams up with his original soul and lets us listen to his compositions in its pure form. Yes. Rahman and Maniratnam . I think that speaks more than what I did in the previous lines and along with Gulzar again.

“Raavan”’s music is astounding, elegant, poignant. Rahman’s longing for the rustic chamber resonates through the album with seriously admirable musical stuff. Let’s go through it one by one.

“Beera” starts off with a typical high note of Rahman, the husky male voice tearing the upper notes, but just gets down the rustic piece of tone along with folk twitches. It’s short and swift. And yes, it’s sweet even for a fast number. Sung by Vijay Prakash and with Rahmanisque pitches by Mustafa Kutoane.

“Behene De” –commences with a strong influential music that could’ve very well been the back ground score of any of the films like ‘The Last Emperor” or “Kundun”. Karthik’s voice just slits the tempo controlled rhythms with the haunting artistry of Rahman’s very much capable tune of streaming into one’s heart. This floods across with various notes inclusive of the western interlude.

"Thok De Killi" number maintains the running pace, rendered with precision by Sukhvinder singh and Am’nico. The highlight of the song is the rip roaring interlude with the pipe organ. Rahman does magic.

"Ranjha Ranjha" voiced with subtle erotic intensity by Rekha Bharatwaj and intensively accompanied with smooth over tone by Javed Ali, who proves to be one of Rahman’s brilliant new findings. This song is on the lines with “Rasiya” and creates an ambience with the string passing by every now and then. Utterly sexy.

"Khilli Re"– “Yeh Rishta”’s Reena ‘s sweet rendition of the Rahman Lullaby is on lines with “Ghampoorani” of Bose and “Door kahi ek” from “Zubeidaa” and yes , you really get to feel the sweetness of the tune along with the versatile orchestration.

"Kata Kata" sounds like a celebration song and when Ila Arun jumps she confirms it more than anyone else. Its just that spectacular interludes, small notes here and there along with the choral vibration standing on a scintillating tune makes the song a rocker.

Now, I don’t think anyone who has read this should wait to listen it. Just go grab it. Listen and feel the music. It’s over and over the “Rahman” satisfaction. I’m greatly satisfied. If you don’t the first time, the fifth time you hear it, you’ll never let the player stop.

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