Komaram Puli | 2010

Composer: A R Rahman

Author : Srivathsa

Synopsis: Komaram Puli hits many notes and rightly so

I have to admit this. I wasn’t impressed on the album the first instance I listened to it. First thing, I did not understand the language and hence the power of lyrics was incomprehensible. But, I’ve always known, the initial listen doesn’t always pay respect to Rahman’s work of art and his music has the inclination to nurture radiantly into you. This is has been factual on almost all occasions and even this time, with his most recent Telugu album – “Komaram Puli” directed by S.J. Surya.

"Power Star" -– Rendered by Vijay Prakash and Tanvi Shah is characteristically made as a chartbuster number. It injects you with a percussive delight and peppy tone, halted then and there by a “Power Star” chore. The interlude doesn’t check out new outings, but sticks to the old template.

"Amma Thale" - The second number is perhaps a surprising number, performed on a Uditisque tone by Naresh Iyer and Sujatha’s daughter , Swetha Mohan. The number mixes consciously a haunting melody with a pace that slightly reminds you of Rahman’s dazzling “Theekuruvi” composition in his Tamil album “Kandgalal Kaidu sei”.

"Maaralante" – Rahman himself pitches in, for this upper notes number. This piece of music is Rahman’s own favorite in the movie and the song proves to be one good number. It’s almost a clinical effort by Rahman to make this over tonal song, effective and engaging, with those heartwarming choirs surrounding the primal essence.

"Maham Maye" - Right now, this is my beloved of the album. The razor sharp, but the soulful voice of Javed Ali makes the song astounding. Along with Suchitra’s spiky voice, the song resonates with greater ambience. Rightly did Rahman choose Javed Ali for this number that makes you freak out.

"Dochey" - I’m positive that no one would deny me telling that, this number’s rhythm transparently resembles with “Gangsta Blues” of “Slumdog Millionaire”, but then the song itself doesn’t. Vocals by Shreya Goshal and Lady Kash n’ Kissy. This is a party number that didn’t greatly amaze me.

"Namakame"- This is on lines with “O Palanhare” from “Lagaan” or “Manmohana” from “Jodha Akbhar”. Sung by the versatile trio Chitra, Madhusree and Harini, this number is the sweetest of the album and grows proportionally on the count of the listens.

“Komaram Puli” is just more than an ordinary Rahman album that grows on you. It’s not spectacular, which is what we would always expect from the Oscar winner. It’s not fair, is it? Sachin cannot hit a century in every inning. We should be okay with the half centuries too.

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