Jhootha Hai Sahi | 2010

Composer: A R Rahman

Author : Srivathsa

Synopsis: I call it “Stand and Deliver”

"Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na” by Abbas Tyrewala and its music was a runaway hit a couple of years ago and here this combo of Abbas and Rahman is back with “Jhootha Hai Sahi”. The audio features a lot of the singers who lent their vocals for the songs of “Jaane Tu..”. Below are the tracks. Reviewed.

"Cry Cry"– Rashid Ali’s soulful voice and the bongo rhythms by the side of the bass line, delightfully and vividly places the song as one of the best of the album. The saxophone interlude that melts into the flute is nearly an emblematic of Rahman. Also the lyrics did hark back me of Abbas tryewala’s maiden “Jaane to ya Jaane Na” track “Kabhi Kabhi”.

"Mayya Yashoda"-Starts off with a rustic flute bit, remarkable enough to color the scene with festive mood. The song didn’t have me on the roar the first time of my listen, but then it leisurely did. Sung by Javed Ali and Chinmayi, this song makes you bustle. The flute interludes are stupendous. The second interlude did make me sense that, I’m listening to something that I’ve already heard earlier from Rahman.

"Hello Hello" – Whoa! This number unswervingly reaches the top spot of the album. Rendered, so fervently by Karthik, the number’s interludes and the guitar strums in the backdrop are just incredible. The violin fillers are awe inspiring. The best of the album. The bad news is its only 3 minutes and 32 seconds.

"Do Nishaniyan” & “Do Nishaniyan 2" - The Sonu Nigam vehicle. The opening opulence is entirely and perfectly managed into a versatile melody. Very soothing. The flute bit that traverses along as the interlude is in all probability, what makes Rahman still the best.

"Pam Para" – A song, which is certainly not one of its kind and with an unlikely peppiness. The Rhythm is neither innovative, nor is the saxophone fillers at the end of the lines. But the song certainly makes you shake; at least will make you do that for a while.

"I’ll be waiting" - Another piece of immense melody that starts as a waltz classical piece and then turns to a rustic folksy melody. The number is sung by Vijay Yesudas with all the expression and superior flavor.me music, which tends to impress people, the moment they listen to it.

"Mayya Yashoda (Thames Mix)" - Not very different from the second track, the song just adds up the additional rhythms and basses.

"Call Me Dil" - Rashid Ali delivers again. The opening strums did remind me of the opening strums of “Roobaroo” from “Rang De Basanthi”, but yes, when the vocal jumps in, you know they’ve nothing in common. A number with romantic attitude and mild female chorus along with the lead vocals. Pleasing and effective.

Whatever may be said, whoever may criticize, it becomes evident that there is one man who stands on the waves of the ocean and delivers with what can be phrased as “Devotion and innovation”. And yet implausibly all and sundry, doesn’t comprehend this. Do they?

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