Ghajini | 2008

Composer: A R Rahman

Author : Srivathsa

Synopsis: Rahman's "Ghajini" is dazzling!!!

Aamir Khan starrer ."Ghajini" is seen causing a lotta talks in the market and now that the audio is out, Rahman owns the show. And what does Rahman offer you this time? The variety and genre of songs that Rahman has dipped us into this year , sorta amazes me..starting from "Jodha Akbar" till "Ghajini".

"Guzarish" sung by Javed Ali and Sonu is a heavy bass-ed soothie. The sharp tone of Javed Ali ripples across throughout the song and there is a lotta Bollywood essense to the song. There are a few instances where the choir does a nice work.

"Aye Bachho" starts with a rivetting pop tune out of the box, followed by the heavy guitar strums and we know how the number is gonna be..very early..Rahman keeps us surprising with his creativity here...

"Kaise Mujhe" is the slower - melody sung by Benny Dayal and Shreya Goshal. The song soothes and haunts and the very end of each part. Personally, I had a feeling that Shreya's part was sung with much more emotion. Benny Dayal could improve a bit.

"Behka" - A surprise experimental number from Rahman. The song's structure is what surprises me ; the structure of the instrumentation and the climax where Karthik sings the pepped up number with so much grace and love. Lovely!

"Lattoo" Not only a foot tapper, but a gracious dance number; and we don't stop there. Its a pack of delicious sound , synch and rhythm. A perfect blend of Carribean and arabian. If not Rahman who else can do that?

This year has been so wonderful and all that wonder is because of one man's creativity and his impressive talent to dump it all in music and give it to us. "Ghajini" is one more of the the thousand feathers in Rahman's hat.

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