Enthiran | 2010

Composer: A R Rahman

Author : Srivathsa

Synopsis: “Endhiran” makes a good listen

There are directors who give controlled performances. There is one director who really hasn’t done that. It is Shankar. This applies to his movie’s music too. Typically the score of any of his movies depend only on his tang. But there is only an exception to this. This occurs when Rajnikanth is the central character of the movie. The vibration of the music sound different and this delicate experience are brought to us always by A R Rahman (except for “Anniyan”, of course). “Endhiran” forms the same team that brought to us “Shivaji” , which was again just a good listen to measure up to with the standards of the wizard boy. Now, switching over to each song in detail.

"Pudhiya Manidha" -The song starts of with the techno sounds, not very startling for a song that describes a robot’s creation. Rahman starts the song with his soulful voice, although fairly de-effected by the mixing, followed by Khatija Rahman. But when S P Balasubramanian jumps in along with the rhythms, it sounds magnificent enough to tap our feet. Now, my disapproval is on the lyrics penned by Vairamuthu. “Hard Disk’il ninaivooti” ? C’mon, you must know nothing to write like that and you did. It could’ve been much better.

"Kadhal Anukkal" - Vijay Prakash starts off with a strange sounding humming and also more like Udit Narayan. The Guitar strums tell you that there is something in store with this song and it does. Shreya Goshal does a job, so perfect. It’s a number that might (you know what I mean by might?) grow on you, albeit the interludes fail stun you. But it’s a niece piece of work from Rahman. Again, the displeasure is majorly on the lyrics like “Neutron Electron” stuff. Are we still in the 1970’s or 80’s? What a bore, Vairamuthu you are these days.

"Irumbile"- Now, this where our Rahman comes into picture both with his vocals and with the extra ordinary number for the album. This number is on lines with the “Fanaa” from “Yuva” or more of “Hello doctor” from “Kadhal Desam”. Ultimately, Rahman succeeds in bringing a disco – techno pop number , that stands out. Lyrics by Karki and Kash n Krissy are pretty cool. Electrifying and exhilarating number this.

"Chitti Dance Showcase" - Well, here we are with the percussion mixed with nice arrangements and rapping jathis. Passable.

"Arima Arima" – the grandeur number that ripples across like the splendor of “Mudhalvane” from “Mudhalvan”. You know the king arrived. Sung resplendently by Hariharan and Sadhana Sargam, this is sure to be the runaway success. This is a song of the whole album, I liked the canto piece. With great interludes and nice chorus, “Arima Arima” is one damn good pick.

"Kilimanjaro" - I’ll tell you the truth. I like Javed Ali quite a lot these days and he has sung this song. But, I’m not sure what would this song do to me in the future. Right Now, it sound like a 80’s number.Infact the chorale part is what makes the song sound that way. Even with the ethnic sounds, song can be more inventive. But yes, Chinmayi and Javed Ali pay the whole respect. I expect a bit more from our beloved Rahmanji.

"Boom Boom Da" - A cool, haunting number ironically for a robot praise song. Yogi B , Kirthi, Swetha Mohan and Tanvi have rendered it full the fullest essence. It lingers.

Yes. To conclude, it is not evergreen music, but an album that can make you sing along with it after a few listens for sure. But, the Rahman I know is much more pioneering and innovative than this.

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