Blue | 2009

Composer: A R Rahman

Author : Srivathsa

Synopsis: Rahman beats the "BLUE"

Lately Rahman has been quite busy attending ceremonies and shows felicitating him for his oscars. And it has been quite a while since he released an album. The wait is over. "Blue" -scored by "Academy Award Winner" Rahman is out in the stores.

"Blue" starring Akshay Kumar, Lara Dutta and Sanjay Dutt , is a underwater thriller and Rahman says"It's important that you dont get typecast. It's also important to give the kind of music the film requires and have fun with it". Does it really feel good to hear "Blue"? Let us see.

"Chiggy Wiggy" - The opening track proudly features Kylie Minogue. The composition opens up very well and features a very sweet voice and a mesmering tune,goes till the half way, only until Sonu Nigam jumps in. This is where the song takes a turn and goes the other way. But still highly enjoyable.

"Aaj Dil Gustakh" - This is one superb piece of composition. Sukhwinder Singh and Shreya Ghosal's voice are absolutely absorbing. The chords and bass line proves the standards set by Rahman. An absolute must listen.

"Fiqrana" - "Fiqrana" find audience immediately on the first hearing. It's part massy and part classy.Vijay Prakash sounds more like Rahman himself. Although the in between piece sounds a tad like one of Rahman's old compositions, this song is real creative work.

"Bhoola Tujhe" - The only real melody in the album, rendered with authenticity by Rashid Ali, who keeps impressing. The song is a typical of Rahman's melody track's structure, but offers everything new on hearing.

"Blue Theme" - Yes, it peppy. Has got all the sounds to make your heart pound and is just like Rahman's other Theme music, which tends to impress people, the moment they listen to it.

"Rehnuma" - Sung by Shreya Goshal and Sonu Nigam, starts off giving great hopes of being a great song, but to me, it fails a bit, which doesn't mean it doesn't impress. The interludes are nice, vocals are good, but the song is a loud.

"Yaar Mila tha" - The only conventional song of the album, but a good one. Udit's voice is a treat to hear and so is Madhusree's. "Yaar Mila tha" could impress people , who aren't impressed by the others congs of the album, coz' exactly the other way.

"BLUE" doesn't cover all the varieties,but does give you a good time of enjoyment. If you don't like it on the first couple of listens, listen again. Thats how Rahman's works on your minds.

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