WALL-E | 2008

Genre: Animation

Author : Srivathsa

Synopsis: WALL - E is Extraordinar - E

What you've heard is true : Yes ! This is a near animated masterpiece. Its groundbreaking by the fact that its the first Animated Art Film. "WALL E" is the Best Animated Feature for Oscars '08; 'WALL E' is what critics will love after a mediocre range of movies front running the year.

Pixar does it again and as one of the reviewers said "It's getting monotonous" to review Pixar's, its almost always a masterpiece. WALL E is a whole new dimension to filmmaking and it is very similiar to Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton. "WALL E" tend to have the same kinda feeling that the climax of "City Lights" would give and to indian audience ,it would be something comparable to "Sadma" or "Moondram Pirai" with a happy ending.

I will not /never let out the plot or the story in my reviews. May be thats the reason , this blog doesn't look like a review which is not important.

The first 40 minutes of this movie is for the film making students to learn how to visually narrate a story. Its not simple. This movie again is the most intelligent flick of all the pixar's.We need to understand ,conceive a lot of things. We can term it as a science fiction classic and it gives you a lot of dimension on how the future will be.

"WALL E" is the Waste Allocation Load Lifter - Earth Class , a robot which falls in love with EVE - Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator, another robot.Thats it. No more spoilers. "WALL E" is the darkest of Pixar's , and also the most innovative.

And the most important point about this movie is that IT MAY NOT BE SUITABLE for non-critical viewers and children, who may very well appreciate the movie in parts.But for those who like "City Lights", "Modern Times", "E.T' or "Blade Runner", this is the movie.

Its visually breathtaking , hyper densely rendered (RenderMan rocks) , beautifully scored (music is the backbone) ,consistently thought provoking (you may need to watch this again to understand the details and intelligence) and faboulosly directed by Stanton,the director of "Finding Nemo". This movie might be the solution for the people who need a relief from the animation movies with the same way of animals talking , funny gestures, one liners. "WALL E" is different and its art.(Except for the portion of the movie in the AXIOM).

I'm sure after a few years, this movie would be considered a classic or one of the greatest movies of all time, but will this be a world wide mainstream entertainer? I'm not very sure, because what hurts me is people getting up and going around in the theatre as "WALL E" was trying to express itself or outta- theatre people feeling it's not as good as Incredibles or Ratatouille. I pray that movies like this get accolades from mainstream audience.

Note: "Presto" is the most hilarious short from the PIXAR and it is featured at the beginning of the film.It just rocks!

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