Up | 2009

Genre: Animation/Adventure/Comedy

Author : Vishwa

Synopsis:This is Pixar’s breathtaking and most colorful adventure.

The long and high expectation is over. The movie DOES FULFILL all the expectation and pays for the wait. Though releasing many months after it’s released on the screens in US, ‘Up’ gives you every reason for why you must wait and watch it. I took a day’s time after watching the movie to write this review since I did not want the bouncy excitement I had on watching the movie to play spoil sport in the review. I am not sure if the excitement has settled down even now.

I wasn’t much skeptical about the success of ‘Up’ when Pixar was able to blow the movie freaks mind with ‘Wall-E’ a year back. That was one movie which had many reviews expecting it to fail after successive block busters by Pixar. Pixar has certainly turned away from making the so called ‘movies of animation genre’. This is on a very serious note. When we categorize the movies from Pixar to be animated, people tend to push them for kids or at least the nominations go only for the best animation movie in academy. ‘Up’ is not just another 3d animated movie. It certainly deserves an entry in ‘Best movie’ or ‘Best Direction’ category. ‘Up’ is one of the best movies I have watched in this year.

The team at Pixar has packed their bags to set us on a journey through vast landscapes of South America, but this time on air. Jaw dropping landscapes, breathtaking colors all over the screen leaves you spell bound at the end of the movie. The movie has very little dialogs in the first 20 minutes. Hears like something that heard for ‘Wall-E’. But this time Pixar has stepped forward, the sequence does not just center round a single character doing its work but narrates a life history. Right here you understand that a master piece is on the screen. At the end of it, leaves a restless old man, Carl who has always dreamt of adventures with his spouse who has now passed away in small house surrounded by heavy construction work.

After a night when Carl reaches the heights of desperation, makes attempt to fly in his house with thousands of balloons tied to its chimney and he succeeds. This is where the most colorful adventure of his lifetime begins. He is accompanied by Russell, the young and cute kid who will trigger laughter from deep in your stomach all through the movie. Russell finds friends along the way who are not much the same for Carl. They work on moving their house to Paradise falls, the place where Carl has dreamt of living with Ellie. Then we encounter the negative character chasing a bird to prove himself to the world. Carl is driven by more adventures and ends with his realization of achieving what he always wanted.

‘Up’ is a must watch in 3D. There are no objects bouncing off the screen of birds flying around your head. The scenes of ‘Up’ are not made for 3D but the technology is used as it should be. It gives the real depth in a frame. You can feel the heights, the sense of moving into a jungle and all that which offers the into the movie experience. Particularly in the climax scenes where we are almost thousands of feet above the ground, the third dimension brings out even the speck of acrophobia one may have ever had in his life time.

The movie will always been considered as the colorful and beautiful movie of all time. Every frame has a minimum of million colors. Nothing is flashy or saturated beyond what is necessary. The bird Kevin has every color in rainbow painted over it. Who can forget the beauty of Paradise falls shown through the clearing of mist? I haven’t watched the movie without 3D. Sources say the colors are much better when watched without the 3D glasses.

Pixar has done it again. Splashing not just excellence of animation on the screen but delivering a movie of great standards which can be enjoyed by almost every age. Creativity has become an implied part of Pixar’s creation. Who can get you watching a robot cleaning dust, romancing of cars, or a dad fish finding his lost kid? ‘Up’ is not only another feather in the hat of Pixar’s but also one of the best feathers.

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