Up in the air | 2009

Genre: Drama

Author : Srivathsa

Synopsis:There you go, Jason. You are doing just awesome.

Jason Reitman - He is doing all that I wanted him to do. "Juno" was a heart warmer and now "Up in the air" fills up the air with no non-sense recession tale, so energetically casted and written.

"Up in the air" stands out on three startling images. One that of the protagonist, effortlessly, yet, spectacularly played by George Clooney flanked by his alter ego kind girl friend, played with energy by Vera Farmiga and the young Natalie, played by the vibrant girl,. Second image is that of the recession hit - United States of America and the third one of the life and its philosophy.For me the more important thing was not just the blend of all these images, but what they convey.

The most important factor about the movie is that it is released at the right time.With all the global recession and job cuts around the world,when it seemed so gloomy."Cool" Clooney as Ryan Bingham ,is the frequent flier who spends most of his time in the air (also firing people) and his "casual" relationship withAlex Goran (Vera Farmiga) makes his lonely life, pretentious. And in the end , this is the truth we realize, dying alone.

There is a moment when Ryan recommends Natalie Keener (Anna Kandrick) for a job and that’s the first time he helps someone get a job. Its a perplexing moment. There are a lot of great moments in the movie and not only does the movie constitute such moments but actually does peacefully go over the emotions of loneliness,joy, angst, worries and what not?

"Up in the air" is a breath of fresh air along with the reminiscence of the very weary lonely life that a man lives. It is sure to fetch a few academy Awards. Count for the number of Oscars, this year.

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