Toy Story 3 | 2010

Genre: Adventure, Animation, Comedy

Author : Vishwa

Synopsis:Pixar stands at the top of the world. Again!

Toy story 3 is a masterpiece which certainly will be added to the list of movie case studies delivered by Pixar for the Film Academies. There are two things to talk about here, first will be the short movie “Day and Night” which is screened before the movie and then the movie itself. When ‘Day and Night’ was over, I was almost convinced for the value of money paid for the tickets. Excellence was spread across in every aspect from creativity to technical details. Is Pixar a store house of creative minds? Where are they getting these ideas from? The idea was not simple and it requires a good amount of time to make viewers understand what the director is up to. But Pixar make viewers digest not just the concept but also the storyline, details and the details in just about ten minutes with great ease. No wonder this was the studio that delivered ‘Wall-E’ a couple of years back. This short is one of the best that Pixar has created.

The first installment of Toy Story did turn out to be a huge success for various reasons including the first full length 3D animated movie. But then there were competitors when the second was released. But no wonder it also hit the box office for the movie making excellence. It’s long time now and Pixar has reached great heights, almost sweeping Oscars years together unanimously. With so much of expectations set they get ready to deliver the third installment of Toy story. Frankly many expected them to fail or make it on par with the second movie. But Pixar has been proving any pattern wrong and I can bet on it, this third movie is far more matured and satisfactory than the earlier ones.

The storyline isn’t the first of its kind. There is adventure, friendship, love and whatever you want to find in an entertainer. But this is not the normal entertainer that tries to reach a good number in the top list of box office collection and goes away in a few months. TS3 is a piece of art. There is lot not just for movie goers but for the film making industry in this film. Directors will need to learn how to narrate a story. This is almost the ideal way of narrating and scripting a story. There are many new toys to add to the fun. They are characterized to perfection and I enjoyed the transition in the characterization of Andy. He is much older and is joining college. What level of maturity has come into this character? There is no mistake here.

From Buzz switched to demo mode speaking Spanish to the romance of Buzz and Jessie, there are innumerable things in the movie to enjoy. The movie is clearly adapted for an IMAX 3D experience. Technical details have improved lot. Rain drops running down a glass window, the light fog seen only through a lens when place right over a bulb, fabrics wetting in rain are simulated to anything you term as perfection. Rendering quality has also enriched great deal. No surprise goes here; you are watching a movie from the studio that developed ‘Renderman’.

If there is a perception of the review providing hype for the movie, the review may seem to be under rating after watching the movie. A collector’s edition is a must buy in blu-ray. The academy may refrain from giving an Oscar just to stop being monotonous. There is no other reason. And for the live action movies, you are going to face a tough competition for the ‘Best Motion Picture’ category.

Toy Story 3 | 2010

Genre: Adventure, Animation, Comedy

Author : Srivathsa

Synopsis: A Trilogy with three masterpieces, a fitting finale.

PIXAR – You need to know, who they are. They are the studios who make movies with toys of children and make a 45 year old self made professional or a 80 year old, cry and long for it; they are a bunch of people, who create the best films in the world, right now .They make every film a masterpiece and I’ve used the “m” word carefully and perfectly. Hail Pixar!

Toy Story 3 is the second sequel of the movie “Toy Story”, which was the first 3D animated full length feature film. The movie features Woody (Tom Hanks), Buzz Light Year (Tim Allen) and so many other toys like in the preceding installments and a few new ones. Astoundingly created, brilliantly etched, these toys, make you wonder the hyper realistic feeling which passes on to your brains. Unlike “Up” and “WALL E”, which had masterpiece written all over it right at the first few minutes, “Toy Story 3” stores the best for the last 20 minutes.

The moment that starts the class and masterpiece artistry is when Andy’s mom enters his room to find it vacant and there is a lump in her throat. She keeps her hand in her chest feeling the heaviness. I had a feeling if I was watching an animated film. I think this movie richly deserves a Best Picture nomination for this and quite essentially the “Best Animated Movie of the year”. I think the animated movie making rivals, should learn this solitary heart of the film from Pixar.

There is plenty of fun, adventure, comedy and densely rendered imagery along with 3D. It I fun and all the more, satisfying fun.

Also do not miss the most creative short ever by Pixar – “Day and Night” that is featured at the beginning of the movie. It’s basically one of the best of Pixar’s.

“Toy Story 3” is more humanistic than any other live action films, until now this year, ironically played by toys. It’s vintage Pixar. I’ve already started counting down for “Cars 2”.

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