The Town | 2010

Genre: Drama /Crime

Author : Srivathsa

Synopsis: Ben Affleck weaves an enthralling heist drama.

When Ben Affleck surfaced as a director for the first time with his child-crime drama "Gone Baby Gone", the critics went frenzied about the creation. Three years since his first movie as a director, Ben is back in town with "The Town", which in fact makes his mark profound enough in the industry. "The Town" is a triumph as a crime, heist thriller wrapped with a degree of philosophical undertone.

"The Town" follows Charlestown, which is notorious for the bank robberies (as the quotes say). Doug McRay (Ben Affleck), James Couglin ( Jeremy Reener) and two other guys are the gang, who rob banks without even leaving a DNA trace or anything else. The FBI agent Adam Frawley (John Hamm) waits for a chance to nab them with proofs. That’s the plot. As simple, as that.

The supremacy of the movie lies, not only in the archetypal, yet nicely choreographed chase sequences, but also in the undertone set along with the pivotal direction by Affleck. “Gone Baby Gone” had power packed performance by Amy Ryan. This time around Jeremy Reener takes the full credit. He lives as Jim. Astounding! Rebecca Hall, with her prominent role, performs it with ease.

There is a moment, when the robbers successfully halt down the chase by the cops, only to find themselves before a cop car. There is silence. Everyone in the gang is loaded and quietly considering this, the cop turns to the other side. This is the moment of victory for the director. It delicately, yet modestly fills up the deep style necessity and the sense of contentment to the viewers.

But, as Roger Ebert wrote in his review, the characters play as per the screenplay and not as the character would in reality in these sequences. “The Town” is Affleck’s growth as a director, more than that of an actor. In fact the supporting roles perfect their role with their performances than Affleck himself. Although he definitely deserves quite some consideration during the awards season, at least this year. But who knows, even the greatest Scorsese had to wait forever!

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