The Social Network | 2010

Genre: Drama

Author : Srivathsa

Synopsis: David Fincher’s “The Social Network” is a rousing piece of work.

Fincher is branded for his darkly themed movies. Be it his “Seven”, “Fight Club”, “Zodiac” or even his yesteryear’s “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”. “The Social network” is only a bit different from his other movies by the fact that, it is effectively and mainly dialogue driven and analogous by the fact that it is also character driven. “The Social network” is tense, smart and intelligent.

“The Social Network” is based on the true story (well almost) of the founder of the infamous internet social networking site “Facebook”, Mark Zuckerberg (played by Jesse Eisenberg, his best role, till date).The story follows Mark’s breakup with his girlfriend and the subsequent invention of the networking site. Mark and his friend, Eduardo (played by Andrew Garfield), who sponsors him on the project, in mere six years become billionaires. Furthermore, alongside money, they earn enemies.

Jesse Eisenberg suits the role to aptness, with the nerdy and lost-in-thought –look. There is a characteristic Fincher- look to the movie. The screenplay chiefly creates tension and impatience between the characters, whilst also put the viewers to a feast of relentlessly involving dialogues. Credits to Aaron Sorkin. The backbone of the movie is David Fincher’s focused direction and consequently the movie never loses its focus on the characters or the story.

There is a moment where Mark turns to the window and asks “Is it raining outside?”, when Gage puts forward a question to him. The conversation continues to make the audience scintillate. Well, flawlessly made. You almost never recognize the Winklewoss twins are played by a single person, Armie Hammer. Such are the supporting characters’ performances and the technical excellence.

Being a story about a prodigy, David Fincher knows what and why he needs, which in turn makes “The Social Network” one of the very best films of the year. The last time, Fincher was nominated for an Oscar for “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”, he lost it. This time, he might easily get it.

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