The Happening | 2008

Genre: Thriller/Horror

Author : Srivathsa

Synopsis: "The Happening" is not so bad!

You can see the critics tearing it apart. The reviews say ,the movie showcases end of a career.Is "The Happening" really so bad?

I'm a kinda critical viewer and believe me the movie is not that bad ,but it is highly flawed. It should have a had a plot. But still the movie has a lotta chilling moments and thats the reason why you go to watch a Shyamalan movie.Isn't it?

The acting is bad;Music is awesome and so is the cinematography; Dialogues are pretty bad though. Yes, the theme is good, but the movie embraces a lot of moments from other Doomsday movies , esp. War of the worlds.

Why don't Shyamalan leave Philadephia and shoot his movie somewhere else. This is not a bad movie and I hope the critics don't end his career. Give him a few more chances.

Watch "The Happening" for the atmospheric chilling moments.

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