The Adventures of Tintin –The Secret of the Unicorn | 2011

Genre: Animation/Adventure

Author : Srivathsa

Synopsis: Good old Tintin by Spielberg.

The Secret of Unicorn is Steven Spielberg’s first animated movie, but in no way is dissimilar from his four decades of brawny live action experience; it is adventurous, amusing, gushy and thoroughly enjoyable. The movie is co-produced by another movie mogul, Peter Jackson. It is a movie, where you don’t get to gulp air into the lungs often. It is nostalgic delight to see Herge’s popular comic characters come to life in the hands of a film magician.

Tintin (performed and voiced by Jamie Bell) buys a model ship for a pound only to find it holds a secret and gets followed by the evil Sakharine (performed by Mr. Bond, Daniel Craig). When he gets kidnapped (followed by his shrewd pet, Snowy), the voyage unleashes. He meets Captain Haddock (performed brilliantly by Andre Serkis) and gets to unearth the secret of the unicorn, travelling to Morocco. At the end, Spielberg leaves us a hint for what could be the story of the movie’s sequel.

Performance capture has been having a tough time, lately; but satisfactorily enough, the movie removes as much as plastic nature of the characters and pours in life. The animation by WETA digital is atmospheric and just stupendous. Andre Serkis stands out in performance-capture, of course his familiarity in the same, speaks. The cinematography is incredible and so is the screenplay. The audience gets nurtured with Spielberg’s trademarks every now and then, in a positive way.There is a beautiful and hilarious moment in the movie.The dog, Snowy gets dissapointed with the dumb mindedness of Captain Haddock; it puts its chin down on the legs and that expression is what we expect out of Spielberg.Such Class! Characters full of life, vibrant, but moody animation set ups, racy screenplay; safe and unsoiled direction makes this episode of Tintin a winner. Alas! The juries of awards have somehow found a way to avoid performance captured animated movies into the acclaim and hope Spielberg finds a way through it, because he is worth it.

This old fashioned adventure fuelled by brisk and gifted direction of the whiz man, Steven Spielberg, brings us the personality that has only been seen on comic strips, to life and makes us wait for more. Peter Jackson has got some good work to do.

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