Slumdog Millionaire | 2008

Genre: Drama

Author : Srivathsa

Synopsis: "Slumdog Millionaire" is what Kinetic cinema is!

We've seen raving reviews for Danny Boyle's best yet - 'Slumdog Millionaire' - a British movie with Indian cast. I was the lone Indian in the whole crowd at Royal Oak - Landmark Art Theatre. Was it exciting ? Yes! I understood the meaning of kinetics!

What "Slumdog Millionaire" offers is nothing new to Indian audience, but the form it takes is breathtaking. The form of movie making with all its provulsive mood destined to attain high quality direction effort and this is what the movie acheives.

Danny Boyle acheives what Hollywood was not able to. Bringing the color, joy, essence and happy ending of Indian Cinema along with Dark, gritty, thrustful movie making of western films. This alone deserves a thousand credits.

By now everybody reading this review would've known what the movie is about. Yes! It is about a boy from the slums of Mumbai on the hot seat for 'Who wants to be a Millionaire?" show. Dev Patel is Jamal, Friedo Pinto is Latika, Anil Kapoor , the host of the show and Irfhan Khan the inspector. Nothing more about the story ,Go watch it!

The style of cinematography is something comparable to the style of "City of God" and hence the camera in motion. Thats a perfect comparison infact. The movies mixes up past and present , but not as non-linear as Alejandro Innaritu's movies. This is where the buoyant editing comes into picture. Spectacular.The tale of riotious tough childhood and hoodlum of the brothers , the horror of pseudo orphanage people..well you know that's a tough life out else can this be depicted? The kids were magficient cast.

The film has dirt, joy, color, filth, beauty and everything you might expect from a movie.The only thing I felt as an Indian was the nativity which was missing. And for a western maker, I hope that doesn't matter. What matters is how it fits to the market it was made for , where the film scores a cent percent.

There is a slight tone of philosophical twitch within the film and its for those who tend to see it that way or perhaps that was the filmmaker's intention. Dev patel , Anil Kapoor and Madhur Mittal (Salim) bring out their best, but who stands out in the first half were the kids and Irfan Khan. His eyes play his role.

Then comes the pulsating soundtrack. I don't know what made Danny to bring in Rahman , but thats the movie's greatest positives. The movie starts going with 'O..Saya' till 'Jai Ho' and you'll never find it was almost 2 hours at the end. Rahman's score is one big reason. M.I.A's 'Paper Planes' was much better her in this movie and was as if it was made for the train scene. The Bollywoodish "Jai Ho" is not a perfect Bollywood number, but thats how westerners perceive Bollywood musical and its not too far away frm being perfect.

With a very happy ending , it was hard for me to think of this movie fetching this year's oscar along with "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button","Milk""Revolutionary Road", but sure is a place for it in the nomination's list for Best picture,director,editing,screenplay,cinematography and Rahman's music. IT IS WRITTEN.

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