Sita Sings The Blues | 2009

Genre: Animation/Drama/Musical

Author : Srivathsa

Synopsis: Sita Sings the Blues ! Well, Did she?

There are few films for which we might have two views on; I mean two conflicting views; “Sita Sings The Blues” by Nina Paley is one such film. “Sita Sings The Blues” is almost an all – in – all animated picture by Nina Paley.

My first opinion: It’s an astonishing film. The first few minutes made me realize the fact that I was watching a very unique film and one best of the year. The story is the condensed version of Saint Valmiki’s Ramayana. Nina Paley has animated it with all the particulars, the story and given it splendid colors and she has come out with flying colors. Within what it was anticipated to achieve, the movie works out very well on every dimension. The music is fantastic and also the usage. Annette Hanshaw’s archive singing also adds up to the vivid animation style. And there is also a Bollywood style intermission.

The analogous story in the modern age is what I loved the most though. There are a few funny sequences and wits that are thoroughly enjoyable, again the writing credits go to Nina. And for the western audience the film delivers its maximum output, which I’m not very firm about the Indian audience. I enjoyed it though. Great work, Nina.

My second view: The problem with me is that I know Ramayana too well and the problem with Nina is that she should’ve known it better. Ramayana is an epic and is not a novel. It has unlimited short stories explaining each and every action or Lord Rama and Sita, diverging from the very many scenes within the epic.

The very first understanding should start at how it all works and this is where I was disappointed with this movie. What we are dealing here is not some adapted short story, but what is the root of a religion. One must be very careful in doing so. From the title and the movie, we tend to understand that Nina’s concentration was all along on Sita and her desperate unconditional love, which again tends to show Rama as a negative character. Here is where I suggest for the thorough understanding of Ramayana and the thousand stories from the epic.I found a few moments outlandish.

And whats the final frame? C’mon you must be kidding, Nina?

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