Shutter Island | 2010

Genre: Drama /Thriller

Author : Srivathsa

Synopsis: Scorsese’s homage to psychological thrillers

Reviewing a Scorsese film is not easy and one has to think before he writes, if he has got that right to do it. He is certainly one of the greatest directors of all time and a living legend. “Shutter Island” featuring his favorite Leonardo DiCaprio is his latest release, where the director moves in to a creepy mood and tends to darken the atmosphere with dark, gritty imagery.

Teddy Daniels, is the name of the protagonist played by Caprio, who alongside Mark Ruffalo voyages into this mysterious island of dangerous, mentally affected insane people guarded by a tight security and infamous doctors. The reason being the escape of a notorious insane lady killer. Teddy suspects everyone including the chief doctor played by Ben Kinsley and in the end, even his pal

The movie starts off with a creepy note and follows the trend although only to reveal a devastating truth at the end. There is a mood set up and a dark tone throughout the movie. Scorsese vitally knows where he tends to prove himself. Right from his “Who’s that knocking at my door”, he’s been keen on the directional superiority. And this movie righteously engages the audience through its thrills. The viewers who expect it to have a greater cheap thrill tone, will awfully be disappointed, since Scorsese wants “Shutter Island” to be more of a psychological thriller and rightfully done so.

Di Caprio excels in what he does. There has been a drastic improvement in his acting from the beginning stages. Although he must restrain himself from the performance similarities with his “confused person” roles.

“Shutter Island” is inarguably not the best of the master director Scorsese’s works, but certainly proves to be the one that is it intended to be.

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