Shrek Forever After | 2010

Genre: Comedy/3D Animation

Author : Vishwa

Synopsis: Shrek forever after is better than Shrek 3

After a disappointing installment of Shrek 3, follows here a much more fulfilling final part. For DreamWorks there is almost no room for a lower quality of animation in the current market with Pixar and many more competitors around. Shrek is much older, matured and calm. The movie begins with a very impressive correlation of an incident happening unrealized during the first part. Here dwells the core story of the fourth version. There are many more characters making their mark in this part.

Shrek’s frustration of a monotonous life leads him to yield to the treacherous plot of rumple steal skin. The movie centers round Shrek’s effort in regaining what was lost and realization of the blessed life he had. Though there are many predictable plots around the movie, a few of them were interesting enough to shadow the others. As always there are a good number of suttle jokes which are brilliant. Creativity is spread almost everywhere in both characterization and the environment. I specifically enjoyed be hybrid donkey dragon.

There are movies that have a predictable storyline, but are often enjoyed for the narration style, the interesting sequences and action. Shrek will fall in this category. It is good that DreamWorks is not venturing to deliver an additional installment. This story itself has been developed by stitching past sequences with intertwined plots. Any future try would mess up the image of this revolutionary character.

“Shrek forever after” in a nutshell satisfies fans with whatever is expected but fails to provide a stunning output which is from a final chapter. I would recommend the movie to be viewed in 3D and IMAX. They provide a purely different experience and enjoyment.

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