Sherlock Holmes | 2009

Genre: Drama /Crime

Author : Srivathsa

Synopsis: Robert Downey Jr. is enigmatic as the acclaimed Det.

“Sherlock Holmes” , the character , famously written on paper by Sir Arthur Canon Doyle, is some one who, all over the world has been admired for a century. No one can deny that. Now in 2009 ,Guy Ritchie, took the detective in his hand and revamped it in new style.

Robert Downey Jr. plays the legend and Jude Law Dr.Watson. Downey Jr. is one of the finest actors of this decade. After his redemption as Iron Man, Downey Jr. as Holmes is apt as it can be. He is versatile and his chemistry with Jude Law is very much enjoyable.

As in any Sherlock Holmes novel, the movie has crimes committed and by a man played by Mark Strong, who claims himself the master of Dark Magic. Mystical things happen around and the end is almost what we anticipate. But it is the directorial style of Guy Ritchie that keeps us glued to the seats. It is funny, it is exciting. We would certainly love this Holmes, but not exactly in a way we loved the Holmes in the book, but the Downey Jr. way. It doesn’t really matter, until we enjoy it. Holmes finds clues and is highly intelligent. He even finds where he is, when “almost” kidnapped to a place with his eyes tied. But it is exciting.

Even though stereotyped in parts, the new Sherlock Holmes does deliver. Hans Zimmer propels it at many stages. The slow strings in slow motion scenes are a treat to watch. There is only a slight difference in approach that could’ve made it a good contender for the critics’ awards.

It’s more of an action- mystery combo, than a detective mystery alone. I believe that’s a choice deliberately made by Guy Ritchie to make the movie more easily going. But I couldn’t get my eyes of Robert Downey Jr. , Mr. Sherlock Holmes. Certianly, the movie made me looking for sequels, if only made more unpredictable.

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