Rango | 2011

Genre: 3D Animation/Western/Comedy

Author : Srivathsa

Synopsis: One of the very best Spaghetti westerns, only animated this time around

Sergio Leone, an Italian director once broke new grounds, with the formation of a new genre in “Western” film making, which was named the “Spaghetti Western”, which took the movie industry by storm. “Rango” by Gore Verbinski is a 3D animated movie that falls typically, into this genre and will be the first one to do so. ILM who have been pioneering VFX industry for a while, for the first time, have stepped into a full length animation movie and does it so resplendently that it might the best animated film this year.

“Rango” follows the story of a pet chameleon (Johnny Depp) , that by chance, gets stranded in the desert and fate takes it to the town of Dirt (old west), which is devoid of water. Opportunely, Rango kills the dangerous hawk and becomes a local hero. Taking its new position as Sheriff, with a developing love interest for the iguana Beans (Isla Fisher), the story then travels through several adventures and misadventures that eventually but lastly make Rango realize his real self.

Johnny Depp’s voice cast, weaves an ideal magical experience along with the out of this world background score. The dirty, vivid and sometimes surrealistic environments created by the animators, carry us effortlessly into the Old West. Yes, they even have our Eastwood (animated), down the movie. The eventual satirist nature of the film filled with creative burst of energy thoroughly amuses the audience. The fans of the “The Man with a no name” trilogy would relish this movie and surprisingly enough, “Rango” has a smarter ability to reward us with an experience that we have seldom felt in any animation movie.

“Rango” forms a movie that is artistically rich, critically impressive and all-in-all a complete entertainer for the masses too. With the infamous speaking Cars, losing the faith among the critics, this year, it might well be the chameleon’s chance to stand up and say “The name's Rango “. ILM triumphs.

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