Moon | 2009

Genre: Science Fiction

Author : Srivathsa

Synopsis: "Moon" is brilliant.

When you plan to sit on watching a science fiction movie, you tend to relax a bit in terms of psychological thoughts. "Moon" directed by the debutant, Duncan Jones, denies you that pleasure. It makes you think and think hard."Moon" is more of a character study and intricate complexities of human technical progress.

"Moon" in front of the screen is a one man show. The man is Sam Rockwell. Sam plays Sam Bell in the movie. Sam works alongside GARTY, an intelligent computer (voiced by Kevin Spacey) on moon and is on the verge of his three year contract to work on moon to lessen power problems on earth. At this point when he is longing to see his family back on earth after the never ending solitary arrangement on the Moon, Sam finds a heart wrenching truth.

This truth in turn reveals a sequence of psychological events. During this period, there is also another Sam, who wants to head back to earth after knowing the truth. The story then unveils an exhilarating climax.

Sam Rockwell performs as Sam Bell, not just once, but twice. It is his best performance yet. He blends himself to the character so much, that you really feel sympathetic for the character. The visual effects are not often dazzling, but are very much in sync with the movie’s requirement. It creates a feeling that is eerie and as it intended to be.

"Moon" is neat in its script, performance and it follows a remarkable area of science fiction. It relies upon the threat cast by the advancements of humanity on humanity and the extent, we might go. It is also one of the pleasantly suprising , intelligent movies of the year.

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