Monsters University | 2013

Genre: Animation /Comedy

Author : Srivathsa

Synopsis: Colourful, Chaotic, fun filled prequel to Pixar’s fantastic “Monsters Inc”

When you are at the top, there is only one way to go, down. All you can do is to stay still and stand there. Standing still would be the best move that you can make. Pixar’s history and evolution has proved the above fact. All Pixar is doing is to stand there, still and play it safe. While, there is always enough scope to transcend one’s own best, playing the game out of harm's way, is often a good thing, with minimal risk involved and such a riskless effort is “Monsters University”, the first prequel from the much-admired animation studio, Pixar.

“Monsters University” follows the timeframe before Mike and Sully were even friends. They studied together, but were not actually good friends. The storyline is not very unique, but the colours and the standard of the animation are. While, no one doubts Pixar’s skill on that front, Dan Scalon delivers a product that is fun filled, chaotic and eye popping. The voices lent by Billy Crystal, John Goodman , Helen Mirren and a much talented cast, stand out.

Crowd, Colours and fantastically computer drawn setting, thrust the movie with high octane funny action. Dense night imagery towards the end of the movie, almost takes the breath away. Cartoonish characters lead the movie with mostly predictable endorsement. It’s about the relationship between characters and how they tend to get along. There are really uproarious moments like the basement scene where the newly formed scare gang tries to take a oath.

The final few minutes are far matured than the preceding chapters of unyielding, child-like fun. Pixar has its way of making the poignant impact that it intends too. Fittingly made finale, offers us a ray of hope of what the studio might offer, taking the glorious risk of making real films, which they are renowned for.

While not as timid as Pixar’s previous outing “Brave”, “Monsters University” still stands in only as a lesser Pixar effort, the assertion which necessarily doesn’t suppress the quality of the movie, but just makes one feel longing for more. “Monsters University” is fun to watch all along and has all the essential elements that would want to make it a summer blockbuster, which it is. But for the audience craving of “more” Pixar, the direction to look forward is future and the near-future with “The Good Dinosaur”.

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