Madarasapattinam | 2010

Genre: Drama/ Romance

Author : Srivathsa

Synopsis: Vijay concentrates only on the details and loses an opportunity to create an epic.

“Chennai” as it is called now was only a few years before called “Madras” , which in turn was derived from the name “Madarasapatinam”. Now, Vijay, the director of the new Tamil feature with the same name, has lofty ambitions and notice to minute particulars, but not the imagination for a change from the good old stories of inter racial love.

The movie’s storyline revolves around the granny Amy, who along with her grand daughter travels back to Chennai (Madarasapatinam) ,to find her lover (of course, when she was young (Amy Jackson)), Parithi (Arya) to return him back something that she has with her. The movie interlaces both the present and the past synchronously to make us comprehend the whole span of the century. It works out.

The detailing is pretty fabulous. You can see all those Narasus’ Coffee banners on trams , the old fashioned Amruthanjans on the bed and so on. Also looks good. Nirav shah’s job is well done, especially on the chase sequences. Vijay’s screenplay works out well in the first part of the movie, where we tend to look out for humor and our attention is more on details. But later, this becomes a draggy progression of chases after the lovers, interrupted by the songs.

It was quite inevitable to compare the first song sequence with the first in the acclaimed Hindi feature “Lagaan”. So similar was the fashion. As far as songs and the background music, G V Prakash’s has done his part pretty upright.

Here, Vijay’s eye has a finicky strength in the details and dialogues, wherein he incorporates his point of view of the political arena. But then he should have had a wide angle to have performed well with the storyline and the nearly predictable screenwriting.

Certainly I do appreciate Vijay for his superb shot, only that if the plot was further different, it would’ve been a great movie.

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