Iron Man 2 | 2010

Genre: Action

Author : Srivathsa

Synopsis: Downey Jr. pulls it again.

It's often believed or made to believe that a superhero movie bags up a nonstop action, a tinge of romance and subtle comedy, although there are a few really good exceptions. Favreau's "Iron Man" and Nolan's "The Dark Knight" of 2008 were good movie examples of breaking this stereotype. The spotlight was more on the direction, equaling the visual flair. When "Iron Man" made it with a surprise package, we all knew there was so much in store in the future. "Iron Man 2", now running in screens across the world, packs all the vital themes and accessories, which made "Iron Man" a legacy.

Robert Downey Jr. plays Tony Stark and I cannot absolutely think of a person, who can do the role, so flawlessly well. The common audiences are overwhelmed by the film, with this dazzling performance and the reason might even be without their knowledge that a greater percentage of the film’s nature depended wholly on the stellar performance by Downey Jr. Don Cheadle follows up well, where Terrence Howard left off. There is a little bit of cheeky romance at the end of the movie. The super villain enacted by the unsympathetic Mickey Rourke, who has been redeeming his career after the heart breaking “The Wrestler” , does do things, his way.

The film doesn’t feature relentless action or uncharacteristic Super hero, but brims with high effervescence of supreme characterization. Even when the film struggles at a very few instances, you barely notice it due to the follow ups to those moments. Oddly for a super hero film, unlike the “Superman”, there is a lot to laugh and a lot to get excited about, although there is quite a few fabrications. After all, it a super hero movie too.

The movie does the trick, only for us to realize that Downey Jr. was the one, who really pulls it off. There is not much of Nolan here, but not Bryan Singer too. It’s a fully qualified Jon Favreau. After all is said and done, my heart still awaits, Robert Downey Jr. and Jon Favreau’s next “Iron Man” outing.

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