Inglourious Basterds | 2009

Genre: Drama

Author : Vishwa

Synopsis: These bastards are not going to be inglorious; they will live gloriously in the history of cinema as the dogs of Quentin did.

This is one of the movies that people in India have waited long since their friends in America have given great reviews. This time it’s different for me, I kept my finger crossed about the movie being released in Chennai since Bangalore theaters screened it weeks back. It’ been long since Quentin had his hand on a movie as a whole and now he delivers another masterpiece which is daring enough to rewrite history. Did I hear anyone say this is an English movie? I remember listening more of German than English. Get ready to read lot of subtitles.

Tarantino’s detest for Nazi’s is clearly seen through the eyes of the bastards he has created. The story is narrated in a typical Tarantino style with chapters and cross scenes glued with names. He retains the style that we have seen all his character to posses in reservoir dogs, pulp fiction and kill bill. There is lot of scenes that provides pure Quentin essence. The titling, introduction of the so called ‘the bear jew’, Climatic sequence, the first chapter conversation.

This is not a war movie as many of us have perceived it to be. The base plot is very simple, a team of people called Bastards set to kill as many Nazi’s as possible whose intentions combine with that of a Jewish girl. Her family was brought down by Nazi’s and she sets to have her revenge. Sure a special mention is necessary about the cinematography. Brilliant work! I particular enjoyed the way Brad Pitt carves the sign on Nazis that remains on them all their life. The movie is slow paced with very less action and lot of conversations. Tarantino has spent a huge effort in drafting these dialogues. May be watching the movie over and over will leave better impressions in people mind.

The opening chapter is sheer class. Colonel providing a comparison on rat and squirrel is what anyone would expect from Quentin’s movie. The wood on floor chop into the camera as bullets pierce them, this is where the action begins. Most of movies scenes are developed to bring the impact in final sequence. Quentin takes his own time and provides clear details. Speaking about the detailing, there are lots of minute specifications that many may miss to notice. The feel of adding cream to what you eat is also portrayed profoundly.

The scene in bar, Nazi’s playing games and bastards there to discuss on Operation KINO is typical Tarantino’s fashion. Guns on each other’s balls and they have a conversation. Everyone keep waiting to know who’s gonna blow whose? Finally you don’t find anyone alive.

Before the climatic sequence, the hall for the grand premier of a movie which the fuhrer himself will watch is visualized with lot of fine points. You see things happening around and camera follows people moving giving the idea of the hall structure, where people are seated and how the plot works. Quentin gets you ready for the grand premier he has planned for. Gives you the time but does not wait and blasts everyone’s mind off the skull. A must watch not just for Quentin fans but for any movie lover.

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