Inception | 2010

Genre: Science Fiction

Author : Srivathsa

Synopsis: Arguably One of Nolan’s best work yet and one of the year’s best.

Christopher Nolan commenced his profession with an insane short “Doodlebug”. “Following”, the neo noir followed it up. But it was the labyrinth -fabricated “Memento” that brought him into light. Al Pacino starrer “Insomnia” was a remake, tremendously directed. Nolan then redefined super heroism, with his new Batman franchise – “Batman begins” which was illustrious and flamboyant. The over plotted, yet under rated –“The Prestige” followed subsequently. Nolan rolled up his fists for one of the most critically raved super hero films –“The Dark Knight”, which worked on many levels. Now, he is back with his most ambitious project – “Inception”.

“Inception” is an idea.  As Nolan calls it, the movie itself is a resilient parasite. It involves much more intricacy than any run of the mill summer block buster and also features no twaddle direction. “Inception” never reaches the unblemished stance of Kubrick’s “2001: A Space odyssey”, it very well reaches the levels of “Blade Runner”. Only here the alter dystopian world lies within the dreams and subconscious levels of our mind.

“Inception” stars Leonardo Di Caprio who plays Dom Cobb (Cobb is also the name of the protagonist, in Nolan’s feature debut “Following”). He is a thief, in a new genre of robbery. He steals ideas. Now, this isn’t going to be a spoiler, but I cannot stop myself from saying that the movie features the heist theme, for the inception of idea into some one’s mind by Cobb’s team. The team has the “Juno” girl, Ellen Page, “500 Days of Summer” boy, “Joseph Gordon Levitt” and others.

More, than the plot, it’s the brawny piece of film making that impressed me. Nolan doesn’t lose his sense anywhere. He knows, it’s multifaceted, and he might have to answer a lot of questions. He isn’t concerned about the questions, but sticks on to what he thinks could be made into an exciting and ideal movie. He succeeds, well enough.

The production design deserves praise. The visuals are startling. The cityscapes that, stretch and move, defying physics, the ultra slo mo/high resolution scenes and gravity defying stunts provoke immense visual contentment. It also involves breathtaking cinematography as in “The Dark Knight”. It a dream within a dream within a dream and Nolan makes sure, the audience comprehend every bit of it. The film also fashions, terrifically written script complemented with decent dialogues.

But there are questions, that arise, like how could dreams be so organized, so time bound , structured and so much space oriented (even when gravity defying) ? And exact time conversions between dreams and real life? I don’t care. All I needed was an entertainer, paying whole respect to the art and also to the thinking areas of our brain. It’s a science fiction, etched out perfectly well and directed with full audacity.

“Inception” is arguably one of Nolan’s best. It also lets block buster movie makers like Michael Bay realize that relying just on CGI work and ordinary script doesn’t work, but a pitch perfect direction is very much requisite to satisfy the intellectual part of the audience. “Inception”, doesn’t pretend to be brainy, but it is equally not to. All it does is gives us two and half hours of a visual experience combined with radiant direction. I would recommend not missing “Inception” in the halls, for you don’t see movies with such huge ambition, come along every time.

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Muthu | 12/17/2011 2:07:52 AM
I Consider still The prestige and the dark knight best of nolan,movie doesnt fall short of anywhere both technically and artwise and acting too.Dialogues tone here that doesnt suited the story may be it will work only with his brother jonathan nolan.Acting doesnt have any scope at all so cant complain on this part :).Nolan made every one to dream for 2hrs 30 mins.