Hugo | 2011

Genre: Drama / Family

Author : Vishwa

Synopsis: Hugo is another masterpiece from Scorsese with soul stirring moments and completely immersive movie watching experience racing towards the academy awards..

Away from his native genre, Scorsese ventures out into a family drama yet again proving to be one of the best directors of the time. Hugo is a positive nominee for the best movie in the Academy Awards and a prospective winner for the category this year. Beginning as a fantasy mystery, Hugo goes deep to reveal an immersive and nostalgic experience.

First of Scorsese movie in 3D offers a visual treat with brightly lit scenes and no over dosage of effects. Hugo continues to be a well written story for screen until the plot takes you through glimpses of early film making and in detail specifications. This is where it turns to be exceptional and Scorsese outright blows your mind with his incomparable directional skill. Sacha Baron Cohen delivers an impressive performance as the Station Inspector and all the other roles are played to the mark. The tangled plots are reveled in perfection through the story though a few are predictable.

The dialogs in relevance to film making seem to come directly from Scorsese's experience and perspective. I especially liked it when Mama Jeanne tells about the frames of the film being colored one by one and the reaction of audience when the first film of a train coming into a station was screened. Paris is beautifully portrayed with a few stunning views of the Eiffel Tower. The film also provides fine details in every character and situation adding more to the class.

Hugo offers a little more to everyone who is involved or interested in the art of film making. Music is well composed. Visual effects are very well utilized to narrate the story and provide a clear picture of the details. Impressive. This is an additional case study from Martin Scorsese to the film schools. A must watch movie of this year is out in theaters and Scorsese has kept up more than to the expectations.

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