How to train your dragon | 2010

Genre: Animation

Author : Srivathsa

Synopsis: DreamWorks flies high enough but on the routine route.

“How to train your dragon”, the latest animated feature from Dreamworks’ den, stands out, flies high and impresses. It is also funny, but not as funny as the Dreamworks’ earlier work, “Kung Fu Panda”. If “How to train your dragon” falls a bit short, it’s only on its routine stereotyped characters and plots. But then, not many care about it when there is a big visual treat in store.

Hiccup (voiced by Jay Baruchel) is the hero, whose aspirations are to hunt down dragons like his Viking tribe. He father (voiced by Gerald Butler) is the head of the tribe and tries hard to keep the pests (Dragons) in check. But the story then takes a turn when Hiccup friends a dragon and also learns that Dragons are not as they expected them to be.

Visually, in 3 D the movie is just a treat. We fly high atop mountains, reach the clouds and come back. The spectacular character rigging and animations, express freely the characters feeling (Although no one doubted DreamWorks ability on that). The film also features a lot of humor and humanity, but only feels kind of very much type casted to the predicted situations. But not to blame the characterization, which are rightly etched. In fact the primary pet dragon of Hiccup, is so well done, that we tend to see it not as a dragon, but a household pet.

The climax is breath taking; it literally ramps up the movie to the sky. It is thrilling and for the acrophobics it is quite a dose. It unleashes the virtual possibility of animation’s swift thrust. Even when the film boasts moments with the father – son relationship, we tend to overlook the emotions involved. May be we foresee it every time. But, I don’t think Pixar needs to worry at this point of time, with their competitors, they are still following the old book

Also, I’m not sure, if the proximity of the “Avatar’s release has an impact on this movie’s viewing experience. There is a lot in common between the two, even when they have different stories. The flying on dragons and training.But never bother.

“How to train your dragon” can lift your spirits high with the dazzling animation and cute characters. It can even make you fly with joy from the depth of characters and screenplay. But what it cannot provide you is brand new, fresh characters and the story.

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