Hangover | 2009

Genre: Comedy

Author : Vishwa

Synopsis: This is hilarious stuff

A lot of movies line up before hangover in this genre. Yet Hangover does position itself comfortably in being one great entertainer. It’s a creative small plot that has been built cleverly and successfully keeps viewers guessing of what’s to come. Alan (Zach Galifianakis) has displays excellent acting skills and more often makes your tummy ache. Though I haven’t watched many movies of Todd Phillips, this one seems to be lot improved from his previous movies.

The first few scenes may give an impact of a serious movie to come with Phil (Bradley Cooper) makes a call with bleeding lips until we come to scene that says 2 days later and Doug has a talk with Alan. It all starts with Doug’s plan of celebrating the Bachelors party in Vegas with two of his friends and his fiancés brother. Alan shows his mark right from when they start to check into the hotel paying an extra 4500 dollars.

The song “Who let the Dogs out…” has been used in many movies for depicting more often comic situations. This one is no exception but is just hilarious. Especially when Alan tries to move his steps around for the song, sure your tummy aches. More to add are the tiger in bathroom followed by driving cop car on the platform, forgotten midnight marriage are all add-ons to the life of Hangover.

The unexpected celebrity to surprise you is Mike Tyson. Does his role as anyone would. Nice and enjoyable. Finally earning thousands of dollars trying to save a lost friend, ending up in someone unknown is all so clearly screen played with funny moments fabricated.

The director may have added more incidents and elongated the movie for unknown reasons. But he was pretty neat in arranging the scenes and cropping them as and when required not allowing viewers to wait for the completion of the scene. The movie doesn’t lose grip of the audience from beginning to end. Hangover is a creative story well told.

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