Ezham Arivu | 2011

Genre: Drama/Action

Author : Srivathsa

Synopsis: Murugadoss makes a movie with substance and without any respect.

“Ezham Arivu” has been a much hyped movie, this year, directed by A.R. Murugadoss, who made films that made good box office including likeable Vijayakanth movie, “Ramanaa”, “Memento” inspired “Ghajini”. Surya plays the lead and the veteran Kamal Haasan’s daughter, Shruti Haasan plays the female lead. The movie combines several elements of a typical science fiction and juxtaposes it with the commercial elements of mass entertainment, but fails mostly even when the moral and substance of the movie is noticeable.

If only Murugadoss had made “Ezham Arivu” much more reasonable, with essential screenplay, the movie could’ve been utterly sensational. But, sadly, this is the primary issue with every movie that comes out in the Indian film industry as a whole. These movies are neither true to it nor the characters they are dealing with. The film unfolds with the history of the south Indian monk, Bodhidharman, who travels to China and becomes a God like figure. This covers the first half an hour of the movie. This part is fantastically cinematographed by the ace cinematographer, Ravi K. Chandran. Surya, as Bodhidharman is very persuasive. But then, when the movie travels to the present, it becomes very hackneyed and tedious.

Shruti Haasan’s accented Tamil doesn’t suit her role that screams Tamil through the blood and acting, she is pretty much fine and would’ve indisputably received feedback from her father on her Tamil accent. The villain character, Dong Li, played by Vietnamese Johnny Tri Nguyen is certainly the well done part after the hero’s. He is just right, only that he overdoes the character sometimes, for which credit should probably go to the director.

And here comes the music by Harris Jayaraj. The first few minutes of background music were understandable, but then, what was he thinking throughout the movie? Visual effects are so-so. But , I should appreciate the dialogues in parts, especially the one that Shruti recites about Tamil during the science meet. It made a lot of sense and not preachy, while the other dialogues were.

Although I appreciate, Murugadoss for making a movie that at least seems from a distance to have substance; I plainly defy the way in which the movie was made. It’s deliberately superficial and even with substantial message, doesn’t treat it with due respect.

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