Endhiran | 2010

Genre: Action/Sci Fi

Author : Sriram

Synopsis: Shankar hasn’t wasted money but should have worked on a better script.

Before I start let me tell you about the ambience in the theater. It was the first day first show of ‘Endhiran’ and it was no different from any of the crowd you will find in Indian theaters. There were tons of papers thrown in front of the screen. I could barely see anything on the screen for a few scenes including Rajni’s introduction which was very simple unlike his usual movies and when the title “Super star” went on the screen. There were small wind instruments creating annoying sound all around. The best thing was a few people gathered and lit camphor in front of the screen when the movie started. Dancing in front of the screen and screaming went almost all through the movie. It was almost like watching the first show in India.

It’s hard to review a Rajnikanth movie. More than movie making skills it’s the Rajni phenomenon that will satisfy. There are two perceptions. Let me start with the interpretation of a normal movie viewer. The movie did not have the so called ‘Rajni factor’ at all. Shankar is reputed for his pace in his movies. After about 20 minutes I could very much feel the sluggishness. A few scenes were even at times uninteresting and isolated from the story. There were lots of scenes which had “Shankar style” Viz. Rajni morphing with metal pieces into Goddess Kali like figure, the fight inside a train, last few scenes and subtle comedies.

Sujatha’s dialogues need a special mention. You would find lots of sarcastic comments from ‘Chitti’ character that triggers a laugh but are on a serious note in the movie flow. Sujatha’s involvement is also realized from the technical details in dialogues that are exactly relevant unlike most of the movies which give crap and funny specifications. Aishwarya Rai has done great job with dance in almost every song especially in “Irumbilae...” Rajni has showcased good skills of acting in every character. I specifically liked the antagonist role which comes on screen only towards the end of the movie. Long time since we’ve seen him playing against the hero. I definitely need to speak about the scene which I most disliked when Rajni tries to impress Aishwarya by speaking to a mosquito and taking it to her. Though it was meant to add a comical fabrication to the story, it was completely unnecessary and annoying. It was funny but unappreciable.

So I’m watching the most expensive movie in India and where did all the money go? It all concentrated towards the climax sequences. This is the best visual effects sequence I’ve ever watched in an Indian movie covering over 30 minutes completely. In many of the scenes the effects are very fine to be perceived as artificial. Especially when a whole place is guarded with the Robotic version of Rajnikanth and the prime Robot (bad version of Chitti) takes Aishwarya through the place. It was almost equivalent to any good standard VFX. There were also few effects that were not up to the mark which was tolerable. I particularly enjoyed the snake formation of the cloned Rajini’s. It is evident that Shankar has struggled to achieve the technical details and a full blown visual effects movie is a huge task for an Indian director. He has delivered his best within the limits of an Indian movie economy.

Ok now! Looking at the movie from a viewer who knows what “Rajini” means and the Indian movie market. The movie does not meet the expectations but satifies. Shankar sweeps off the mind with the final sequence which will fill your head as we walk out of the theater. One must always hold it in mind that this is a regional language movie from India spending millions. You don’t expect the director to deliver a movie like “AI” or “Star Trek”. There will be commercial factors including fight and music which may look odd in the movie flow but will keep coming which we need to accept. I could not believe that there were no punch dialogues or hypes for Rajni in the movie. The commercial aspects were kept to minimum. It almost delivers a 75% satisfying entertainer to all Rajni fans and less than that for a Shankar movie. Thumbs up to Shankar for the great try!

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