District 9| 2009

Genre: Sci- Fi

Author : Vishwa

Synopsis:Dark, Horrific, Violent, Gripping and stunning

Alien movies ideally always tend to begin with an invasion moves through destruction and ends with kicking them back to their planet. This movie is a pure exception not just for the amount of creativity that has been implemented on the story but for lot of other reasons. It’s been years since I have watched a sci-fi fiction that leaves a hangover for days. Neil Blomkamp is a promising director for the next generation.

The commencing scenes would suggest something like clover field, Blair witch project or at least a documentary like 44 minutes to be experienced. District 9 starts and ends in a style much like a documentary. The drift from documentary style of movie making into actual story narration is so fine that one may never realize it. This is an edge of the seat experience and the movie holds you tight all through the movie. District 9 completely justifies the horrific and gruesome violence used in almost every scene. You see not just blood but muscle and skins splattering on the lens. Certainly not a movie for weak hearted.

District 9 begins with a video footage of a giant space ship hovering over Johannesburg with officials commenting on the current happening. 20 years in the past, aliens have settled in an area and have multiplied to a few millions. They live with humans and have become an intolerable part of their livelihood. When humans can no longer take it, they plan for eviction. Wikus Van De Merwe (Sharlto Copley) is assigned to lead the team. The Scenes of informing the aliens about the eviction are ingeniously portrayed. Visual effect is almost fabricated in every scene where aliens are seen as common as humans are. There can be no complaints of any detailing. The slum settlement developed by aliens has been spectacularly pre conceptualized and accurately captured. The habits and behavior of an unknown species, their adaptation to humans has reached near perfection all through the movie.

As we would see in any society, there are all character aliens. There is an alien with a kid who plans to reach the mother spacecraft to get back to their planet. Wikus finds the fuel necessary to drive the ship designed by the alien to reach the mother space shuttle accidentally during the eviction process. He sprays a part of the chemical on to his face invoking the mutation of his human nature towards the alien species. There is a lot of inspiration from ‘Fly’ here. But it’s inevitable to make a movie without being influenced by benchmarks. Humans’ reaction to such a process is merged with politics, money and the darker side of the earth kind. When Wikus is made an experimental rat and is made to shoot at pigs using alien machinery, there is more than violence and blood. We see darkness, humans treating human as a specimen. Wikus refuses to shoot a live alien and beseeches to shoot a dead pig rather. This is where we understand how the alien feels when it looks at its own species in an experimental lab while trying to retrieve the fuel cell. It stands still unaware of the bullets passing everywhere around it. This exactly how it should be pictured, emotion of an unknown kind. Wikus escapes and tries to get the alien on the mother ship when that’s the only way to revert back the mutation process. Highly gripping narration, especially the scenes while getting back the fuel cell, Sharlto running from military, the gangster of the slums waiting to cut Wikus ‘s arm. There are many characters that bring lot of depth to the story line. The gangster is certainly one of them. Additionally goes Wikus wife and her father. The most important of these would be the son of the alien. Almost vital towards the end of the story, this character is brought to life not just with the cute behavior but with the emotional attachment it has to its father and the dreams of reaching its planet. One can feel the kids’ excitement when it asks the number of moons its planet has on looking at a holographic image of the planet. Hey! Remember we are looking at an alien creature. District 9 has succeeded in bringing non-human characters to life as good as Gollum in LOR or Dobby in Harry potter but in a much horrific and darker way. The movie doesn’t end with a happy note or leaves a tragedy trail. It narrates a fiction story as history. That’s where it succeeds in leaving a long remaining hangover in viewers mind. A must watch.

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