Despicable Me | 2010

Genre: Animation

Author : Srivathsa

Synopsis: “Despicable Me” is another good animated movie this year.

Illumination Entertainment is a new name in the animation feature film industry. There are countless names that have sprung up in the near past. But their debut “Despicable Me”, doesn’t make them just another name, but in actuality, a remarkable one. “Despicable Me” is a flamboyant film.

The protagonist Gru (voiced with an accent by Steve Carell) is a villain, but a villain who is not really a terrible guy by spirit, but by profession and the movie is all about the rivalry between villains to reach the “Greatest villain of all time” status. As one might feel, the story is special, but the construction is entirely similar to how an animation film, these days look like. We already know what’s going to come about at the end. That doesn’t bother us though.

“Despicable Me” is not very funny, but in many ways cute and quirky. Gru’s mom is in fact the reason of him being this way. The minions who loyally work with him are the ones , who help him accomplish the status he desires. Love in the heart of Gru is relished by the three lil’ cute girls, who he adopts to get back the stolen Shrink Ray, a James Bondish equipment to shrink things.

The background score vividly and faithfully pushes the film to different levels, be it the Arabic tune at the beginning or the Hip Hop “Despicable me” song at the introduction of Gru. All that the movie lacks is endeavor to resist the obviousness. Definitely, the movie has all that the regular movie goers want. In terms of novelty, the plot is cool and effectual, but there is not much of artistry implicated in the premise. The animators have done their job, they should. The images are beautiful.

I haven’t watched “The Illusionist”, “Megamind’ and “Tangled’ yet. But with “Toy Story 3” standing out at a never reachable success point, “Despicable Me” might be the second best contender for the “Best Animated Picture” category at the Academy Awards.

“Despicable Me” doesn’t try too hard to impress the viewers, but it effectively does. There could’ve been a few poignant moments that could have added enchantment to the movie. Nevertheless, “Despicable Me” is a success..

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